Information on the Application Process

Applying for a Position

Visit our website and complete the online application form. To ensure that your application is deemed as complete and able to be considered, you must upload the following documents:

  • your current CV or Resume; and
  • your responses to the Selection Criteria

Please note: we ask you not to email copies of your academic qualifications or transcripts; if we need them at a later stage we will specifically ask you for certified copies.

The Selection Process

At CQUniversity, we encourage diversity in the workplace and we welcome applications from any suitably qualified people. As you might expect, the University is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and it has an effective Affirmative Action for Women Policy.

We select applicants on the basis of merit and against the selection criteria. We are guided in this process by the CQUniversity Recruitment Selection Procedures. You can find the selection criteria - as well as the position description - by following the links provided with each advertisement in the positions vacant section. The 'CQUniversity Recruitment Selection Procedures' apply to general staff positions from levels HEW1 to HEW9, and to academic staff from the levels of Associate Lecturer to Senior Lecturer. Depending on the position and the appointee, the University may pay transfer and settling-in benefits to assist in relocating family and effects. In general, all positions are open for application from any person unless otherwise indicated (i.e., some positions are for internal secondment only).


The lifestyle, the workplace, and the job are all important considerations when you're thinking of applying for a position, but so too is the salary that goes with the job. You can find the current salary levels on our current salary scales page.

Current Enterprise Agreement

This is an agreement between CQUniversity and its employees regarding information from salary to working conditions. The EA consists of a collective agreement and is legally binding. Download the Central Queensland University Enterprise Agreement 2012 to view working conditions.

Please be mindful that it is a large document and may take some time to download.

Relevant Policies

CQUniversity has a great number of policies that cover a wide range of interests and activities. Please find below some policies that may be useful for prospective staff. Other policies are available by visiting the CQUniversity Policies web page or by performing the general search facility.

Please find below policies related specifically to prospective staff:

Contact Us

The information provided for an advertised position is sufficient to satisfy potential applicants. However, if you want to know more than is provided in the position description, the same document contains the name and details of a University representative to contact. If you have questions about the position please make contact with this person. Find other contacts that may be useful to you .