Academic Promotions

CQUniversity holds an academic promotion round each year to reward and recognise academic staff who have demonstrated outstanding and sustained achievement.

Application for academic promotion is not like a normal job application process, but rather it is something you should have been working towards for the past year or two. You should have been gathering and collating relevant information, discussing your aspirations with your supervisor, and documenting the process in your PRPD.

New for 2016

After a review of the Academic Promotions Policy and Procedure at the conclusion of last year's promotions round, a number of changes to the process have been made, including:

  • You no longer apply for academic promotion via ESSO but via Moodle. You must complete a short survey to confirm your eligibility for academic promotion. If you are eligible, you will be automatically enrolled in the Academic Promotions Moodle Course.
  • An Expression of Interest in Applying for Academic Promotion Form (EOI), replaces the Cover Sheet. The EOI must be supported by your Dean before you can proceed with a full application for promotion.
  • The maximum length of applications is 10 pages (not including publications).
  • Indigenous applications can choose to request the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Engagement) to be part of the Academic Promotions Committee.
  • An additional external member will be part of the Academic Promotions Committee for Level E applicants.

For more information about the process, see the Academic Promotions Policy and Procedure.

Key Dates

Are you Eligible for Academic Promotion?

  • Academic Promotions Survey - you must complete this short survey to check you are eligible to apply for academic promotion this year. If you are eligible to apply, you will be enrolled in the Academic Promotions Moodle Course, which is the only way you will be able to submit your application for promotion.

Governance Documents

Sample Academic Promotions Applications

Please be aware the following applications are based on different procedures from those required this year. While they are therefore different from current requirements, these applications remain good examples of how to portray all the essential elements of a successful application for academic promotion.

A to BTeaching ScholarTrixie James2015
C to DResearch IntensiveKirrilly Thompson2015
Teaching and ResearchTania Signal2014