CQUniversity Online Security

CQUniversity is committed to keeping university systems secure and protecting the information of all staff and students. CQUniversity has in place a number of powerful systems that protect us from attacks, however, all students and staff need to be aware of online risks.  There are a number of  measures we can all take to ensure we are cyber aware and cyber-secure including:

  • Changing passwords regularly and ensuring passwords are not obvious. To change your password go to
  • Always check the origin of the email, text message or social media post you have received. If it looks unfamiliar or suspicious then you should never click on links or open attachments. Delete the message immediately or report the post on social media. If you are concerned that your system may have been affected then contact TaSAC immediately on ext. 59090.
  • Keep your systems up-to-date. University staff should restart their systems regularly to ensure security patches and anti-virus updates install on their computers.
  • Turn off the option to automatically download attachments in your email system.
  • Never respond requests to share your personal or financial information online or over the phone. If you are requested to do this call then you should delete the email or offer to phone the caller back to verify.
  • Check messages for spelling and grammatical errors – yes people do make mistakes but if the mistakes are common and obvious there is a good chance the message may be infected with a virus.
  • Take note of the email address or web URL if it looks unusual then you should discard immediately and report to TaSAC.
  • If you have opened an attachment or clicked a link and now have reason to believe your system has been compromised then you should contact TaSAC immediately on ext. 59090.