Purchasing at CQUniversity is decentralised and staff within Faculties, Divisions and Campuses may be required to undertake purchasing activities on behalf of CQUniversity. The Financial Services Division provides support to Faculty, Division and Campus staff through its network of Finance Officer teams and specialist Supply team.

All purchasing activities conducted by CQUniversity must be in compliance with the CQUniversity Purchasing Policy. As a Statutory Authority of the Queensland Government, CQUniversity must comply with the Queensland Government State Procurement Policy and the CQU Purchasing Policy includes the requirements of that Policy.

Prior to undertaking any Purchasing activities on behalf of CQUniversity, please ensure you are familiar with the CQUniversity Purchasing Policy and seek advice, if necessary. 10 Tips for Purchasing on behalf of CQUniversity

  • All purchases must be in compliance with the CQUniversity Purchasing Policy. Please consult this Policy for guidance and to determine the appropriate process to be undertaken
  • The goods/services must be required for CQUniversity purposes and there must be a valid and justifiable need for the goods/services
  • There must be a firm commitment to proceed and funding available prior to approaching supplier
  • Investigation as to whether a CQUniversity Agreement or Arrangement exists for the goods/services should be undertaken
  • All purchases must represent the best Value for Money, taking all issues into consideration
  • Ensure GST is treated consistently when comparing prices offered
  • The total cost of acquisition must be considered, not just initial purchase cost
  • Splitting of Orders and/or Payments to avoid appropriate procedures or processes in considered fraudulent activity and will be addressed in terms of the Code of Conduct.
  • All expenditures, as far as possible, must support Local, Regional and State businesses to the maximum extent
  • All CQUniversity Staff involved in purchasing activities is required to adhere to good ethical practices including never accept or seek any gifts or favours or entertain approaches from suppliers that might be interpreted as attempts to influence a purchasing outcome. Ensure private interests do not conflict with position duties and responsibilities

If you require further information, please consult the Guidelines for Compliance with the Purchasing Policy..

Need assistance or advice regarding a Purchasing issue?

Financial Services Division can provide advice and assistance in relation to all Purchasing issues, processes, procedures and policies.

Our objective is for CQUniversity to obtain the best quality and value for money in purchasing, in a manner that is compliant with our obligations as a Statutory Authority of the Queensland Government.

Low Value and/or Low-Risk Purchases
If you require advice or assistance in relation to low value and/or low-risk purchases, please contact your relevant Finance Officer Team.

High Value and/or High-Risk Purchases
If you require advice or assistance in relation to high value and/or high-risk purchases, please contact the CQUniversity Supply Department.

CQUniversity Supply Department can assist with:

  • Management of CQUniversity procurement policies and procedures;
  • Providing advice and assistance in relation to all procurement matters, including Purchasing, Policies, Procedures, Arrangements and Contracts;
  • Tendering of high value and/or high-risk purchases;
  • Review, negotiation and advice regarding proposed supplier Contracts;
  • Approval of purchases over $10K;
  • Establishing and continuous improvement of contracts and procurement documentation.

Want to know more about Purchasing planning?

Purchasing Planning facilitates a structured and considered approach to the management of purchasing activities. Planning must be undertaken at the following levels:

  • Corporate
  • Significant individual projects or purchases
  • Aggregated categories of expenditure

CQUniversity's Supply Department can assist you with all aspects of purchasing planning in any of the above areas.

Purchasing processes can take some time to complete. Sufficient time needs to be allowed for our internal processes as well as allowing our suppliers an appropriate amount of time to respond to our request.

Depending upon the proposed purchase, the process might include verbal quotations, written quotations, formal quotations, tender processes or an alternative process approved by the Manager Accounts Payable & Supply. For purchases which are high value and/or high risk, please liaise with the CQUniversity Supply Department well in advance of the purchase. For planning purposes, formal purchasing processes generally take approximately three months to complete and therefore it is essential to plan for all purchases well in advance.

Need training in Peoplesoft to conduct Purchasing activities?

Peoplesoft training for Purchasing is available in the following areas:

  • Raising of requisitions
  • Approval of requisitions
  • Receiving goods online

Training sessions for staff are scheduled as required. If you require training in one of the above areas, please contact in the first instance to schedule a session.

Need to access or find out more about a CQUniversity Purchasing Agreement or Arrangement?

CQUniversity has many Purchasing Agreements and Arrangements in place.  Details of some of the more commonly used agreements are listed below.  If you require access to or would like further information regarding any of these agreements, please click the related link below:

  • Apple University Consortium Agreement
  • Cleaning Services
  • Desktop Computers
  • Emergency Management Systems - Fire Evacuations
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Freight
  • Mailroom Services
  • Supply & Support of Multifunctional Devices
  • Pest Control
  • Print Services
  • Pump Fuel
  • Stationery
  • Vehicle Servicing and Repair
  • Waste Removal

When utilising a CQUniversity Purchasing Agreement or Arrangement, there is no requirement to conduct further market testing.  Please note that, in the case of a Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA), there may be a panel of suppliers and quotations may need to be obtained from the Panel.

If you would like to know more about CQUniversity Purchasing Agreements or Arrangements, please contact our Supply Department via

Purchasing Forms