Petty Cash

Petty Cash is available for use by Staff members, in accordance with the CQUniversity Petty Cash Expenditure Policy.  Petty Cash floats are held throughout the University and all enquiries regarding Petty Cash should be directed to the Petty Cash Custodian for your Faculty/Division/Campus.

Petty Cash Expenditure Policy 

Forms available from the My.CQU Staff Portal:

  • Petty Cash Voucher
  • Petty Cash Float Reimbursement
  • Petty Cash Float Audit Record
  • Petty Cash Float Custodian Acknowledgement Petty Cash Float EOY Declaration

Information for Petty Cash Custodians

Please refer to the Petty Cash Expenditure Policy for details of how to manage your Petty Cash Float and related expenditures.

Float reimbursements are processed once per week. Usually, to receive your float reimbursement by Tuesday, your fully completed and authorised Accounts Payable Non-Order Voucher must be received at Accounts Payable no later than midday on the preceding Monday. A copy of the authorised Petty Cash Reimbursement form must also be emailed

Custodians will be notified via email once cash is available for collection from FSD Cashiers, Building 65 / Level 2. Cash will only be released to the current Petty Cash Custodian and personal identification must be produced to collect cash.

For clarification regarding any petty cash issues, please refer to the Petty Cash Expenditure Policy or the following contact/s:

Petty Cash

Karen Fagg: +61 7 4930 9538
Jean Dudley: +61 7 4930 9190