Corporate Purchasing Cards

The Commonwealth Bank MasterCard is the nominated Corporate Purchasing Card for CQUniversity. The Purchasing Card should be used as a cost-effective and efficient facility supporting the University's purchasing and invoicing processes. It is to be used to affect everyday purchases up to the value of $3,000 and will assist in reducing transaction processing costs.

The Purchasing Card is issued to staff directly involved in procurement on behalf of the CQUniversity and whom the Faculty/Division/Campus Head has recommended. The Corporate Purchasing Card must not be used for purchases of a personal nature, at any time.

The Purchasing Card in no way substitutes for appropriate purchasing decision-making and authorisation processes for entering into a commitment on behalf of CQUniversity. The Purchasing Card must be used in accordance with the CQUniversity Purchasing PolicyPurchasing Card Policy and other applicable policies, procedures and guidelines. In the instance of inappropriate or fraudulent use of a Corporate Purchasing Card, CQUniversity reserves the right to cancel the Card, in accordance with the Corporate Card Escalation Processes, and to take other measures, as appropriate.

Corporate Cards are administered by the Accounts Payable & Supply Department within Financial Services Division. Some Faculties/Divisions/Campuses have nominated staff to assist with Corporate Card related matters for their areas of responsibility.

If you require assistance with a Corporate Card related issue, please contact:

  1. If your Faculty/Division/Campus has nominated staff to assist with Corporate Card related matters, please contact that person, in the first instance.
  2. The relevant Finance Officer team for your Faculty/Division/Campus.
  3. FSD Corporate Card Administrators.

Listed below are some common questions and answers regarding the Corporate Travel Card. This information is provided for convenience only and must be read and interpreted in the context of applicable University policies.

How do I apply for a Purchasing Card?

Purchasing Card applicants must either be a permanent employee or employed on a fixed term contract for at least 6 months. Applicants should nominate the monthly credit limit required; however, the application and requested credit limit is subject to approval by the Manager, Accounts Payable & Supply. It will be necessary to complete the following forms:

Purchasing Card Application
Purchasing Card Acknowledgement and Declaration
All Corporate Card related forms can be found at Corporate Card Forms.

Once the abovementioned Forms have been completed, verification of identification will be required. This can be done in three ways:

1. Provide 100 points of acceptable Identification (refer List of Acceptable Documents and Identification Points ) verified by a JP or Commissioner of Declarations. All documentation must be attached to your application.

2. Take your Drivers Licence to a CQUniversity Verifying Officer for verification. Click here for a current list of CQUniversity Verifying Officers. The Verifying Officer will take a copy of your licence and this will be held on file.

3. If you are an existing CBA account holder, or a Travel Cardholder, account details or a copy of your Travel Card will be sufficient. All details/documentation must be attached to your application.

The completed Purchasing Card Application Form, Acknowledgement and Declaration and appropriate Identification must then be forwarded to FSD Accounts Payable & Supply Department, Building 65, Level 2, Rockhampton Campus. The Manager, Accounts Payable & Supply will determine whether it is appropriate for the applicant to obtain a Purchasing Card and, if yes, the Director, Division of Finance will approve the application, as a signatory to the University bank account. The application will then be posted to the Commonwealth Bank for processing. The Purchasing Card usually takes approximately 3 weeks to be delivered and once it arrives you will be contacted to arrange collection of your Card. If you are located at a campus other than Rockhampton, the Card will be forwarded to you by Registered Post. Once you have received your Card, you must activate it and ensure that you sign the back of the Card. The Corporate Travel Card provider (CBA) will enclose information including Conditions of Use, which cardholders must comply with.

NB: When activating your card, you MUST speak to an operator at the Commonwealth Bank. CBA Phone Number - 13 15 76

What do I do if I have a disputed charge on my card?

In the event that a Cardholder believes a transaction against their Card is not valid/correct, in the first instance contact the Merchant, if possible. Then the Cardholder must contact the Corporate Purchasing Card provider (CBA) on 131576 for advice. A CBA Disputed MasterCard Transaction Form must be completed and forwarded by fax to the number indicated on the form, then attach a copy of the Form to your Card statement.

If you have a disputed transaction on your Corporate Purchasing Card, do not delay the acquittal of your statement. Acquit the statement as usual and ensure that the reversal/credit (if applicable) for the transaction is received on a later statement.

What do I do if my card is lost or stolen?

If a Corporate Purchasing Card is lost or stolen, the Cardholder must immediately contact the Corporate Purchasing Card provider (CBA) on 131576. Notification must also be forwarded via e-mail to the FSD Corporate Card Administrators ( immediately. Neither the cardholder nor the University will have any liability for any charges incurred on the Card once the loss has been reported to the Corporate Travel Card provider (CBA).

Your Card will be cancelled and a new one issued. Remember to destroy the old Card if it is found.

Within what timeframe am I required to acquit my statement?

Purchasing Card acquittals must be received by the FSD Corporate Card Administrators by the 25th of each month e.g. October Statements are due by 25th November. Failure to acquit Purchasing Card statements by the due date will result in actions being taken in accordance with the Corporate Card Escalation Processes.

What happens if I don't acquit my Corporate Card statements?

The Corporate Card Escalation Processes are in place to ensure that Corporate Cards are acquitted in a timely manner. It is the responsibility of the Cardholder to ensure that their Corporate Card statements are acquitted and received by the FSD Corporate Card Administrators by the designated date. Reminders and notices will be sent by the FSD Corporate Card Administrators, in accordance with the Escalation Processes.

I am changing positions within the University, what do I need to do with my Corporate Card?

Whether you are changing positions within your existing or to a new Faculty/Division/Campus, you must ensure that that Supervisor you will be reporting to approves for you to retain your existing Corporate Purchasing Card and, if yes, ensure that the costing for the Card is correct.

To change/transfer the costing of your Corporate Purchasing Card, you must complete the Costing Transfer Form - Purchasing & Travel Cards and forward it to FSD Corporate Card Administrators, Building 65, Level 2, Rockhampton Campus.

I am leaving the University, what do I need to do with my Corporate Card?

When staff or other Cardholders no longer work for CQUniversity, the Corporate Purchasing Card must be returned and acquittals completed in accordance with the CQUniversity Employee Departure Checklist. FSD Corporate Card Administrators will arrange cancellation of the card.