Asset Management

The Asset Management main duties include:

  • Maintaining the Fixed Asset and Portable & Attractive Items registers
  • Annual stocktake of University Fixed Assets and Portable & Attractive Items
  • Asset stocktake queries
  • Performing monthly depreciation of the University's assets
  • Administering and maintaining lease records
  • Asset processing, recording & recording

Please contact the Financial Accounting team at if you require assistance with any of the above.

Please contact the Supply team ( if you require assistance with:

  • Leasing of equipment
  • Leasing Policy
  • Lease vs. Buy evaluation

Links (refer to staff portal for the documents below)

  • Inter Faculty/Division Transfer Asset Form
  • Transfer Asset Form
  • Appendium for Multiple Asset Transfers
  • Asset & Attractive Item Stocktake Procedure
  • Asset Location Form
  • Change of Asset Details Form
  • New Asset Form
  • New Portable and Attractive Item Form
  • Reinstate Asset Form
  • Asset Disposal Policy

Queensland government disposals: