Planning at CQUniversity

Planning and reporting at CQUniversity are governed by legislative requirements. It is guided by an integrated management planning framework and an ongoing iterative process using the (Plan, Do, Check, Act) approach.

Strategic planning at CQUniversity is intended to actively determine the future of CQUniversity and to guide its direction. Additionally, it is intended to lead to greater effectiveness in resource allocation and the development of the University. Through the planning process, CQUniversity can:

  • Identify and share its strategic direction and emphasise a differentiated position for the University within the Tertiary Education sector.
  • Coordinate the activities at all levels across the University towards the achievement of the strategic direction.
  • Commit resources for strategies and activities to support planning.
  • Gather and report evidence about progress towards achievement of the strategic direction of the University or organisational unit.
  • Behave proactively rather than reactively.
  • Provide a mechanism for building in continuous improvements and assigning accountability for results.