We’re for students. The success of our students is the ultimate benchmark of our success and impact as a university.

Our students and graduates will be known for their understanding of the issues impacting their communities and industry, their personal and professional growth and their commitment to making a valuable contribution to the world around them.

  • CQUniversity will continually innovate our learning and teaching practices to optimise and personalise the student experience, and meet constantly evolving workforce needs.
  • We will deliver sector-leading graduate outcomes and maintain career-spanning partnerships with our alumni through meaningful engagement, support and the provision of lifelong learning opportunities.
  • We will consistently deliver resilient, engaged, work-ready graduates who are not only job holders, but job creators. Our alumni will become the custodians of our values, influencing their peers and industries as leaders and social innovators.
  • We will dismantle current and future barriers to educational access and participation and inspire learning aspirations among diverse groups of students. We will support access and participation through the provision of sector-leading outreach, enabling pathway and support programs.
  • We will increase our student enrolments as appropriate to the demand and need of our communities.
  • We will be known as a university that works directly with community and industry to design and deliver training and education that strengthens and builds capacity.
  • We will strengthen our commitment to providing a safe, supportive, inclusive and engaged learning environment for our students.
  • We will be recognised as a leader in the provision of student support and the facilitation of student wellbeing.
  • We will export our innovations, our values, and our impact around the globe through the delivery of high-quality international education.
  • We will not compromise the quality of our graduates and we will never allow convention to dictate our future.
  • Most importantly, we will not apologise for remaining more focussed on the calibre of the graduates we produce, than the backgrounds of the students we enrol.
  • Develop an innovative, student-centred curriculum that delivers seamless education from school to doctoral studies, characterised by the embedding of authentic work-based learning and addressing the evolving future of work.
  • Deliver holistic student support that addresses the unique needs and overall wellbeing of our students.
  • Pioneer a unique, personalised learning journey for all of our students.
  • Provide courses that are informed by our research and collaboration with industry and government to meet the emerging workforce needs of our communities.
  • Invest in and enhance our commitment to access, equity, inclusion and retention.
  • Implement a refreshed approach to student-centred learning, teaching and support, based on real-time student feedback and reflective practice.
  • Create career ready, lifelong learners who have a social innovation mindset and a genuine commitment to cultural awareness.
  • Delivering a new student-centred curriculum.
  • Improving student completion rates.
  • Improving student retention rates.
  • Increasing student satisfaction ratings.
  • Maintaining and increasing access and participation rates.
  • Increasing short course and professional development offerings.
  • Increasing student numbers.
  • Increasing student participation in international mobility programs.
  • Embedding social innovation into the curriculum.