Who can use MASK-ED™ (KRS Simulation)?

MASK-ED™ (KRS simulation) will be made available to educators across a wide range of disciplines including (and not limited to) nursing, medicine, social work, pharmacy, psychology and education.

The technique can be used in live classes of all sizes, conference, or workshop scenarios as well as part of an integrated video/DVD resource.

The MASK-ED™ (KRS simulation) technique is not limited to organisations that can afford expensive resources. On the contrary, it is within reach of any educator who can look outside the box to create a learning experience that presents some level of reality.

What is needed to be able to use MASK-ED™

In order to effectively use the simulation technique, it is essential that the educator fully understands the MASK-ED ™ (KRS simulation) approach including the preparation of the educator, the design of characters and scenarios, the modes of delivery and the simulation experience. MASK-ED ™ (KRS simulation) cannot be implemented in any organisation or used by any person without the required two (2) day training. To do so is fraught with risk for learners and is considered breach of copyright.

The MASK-ED™ (KRS simulation) includes

  • Preparation of educators as to the MASK-ED™ (KRS simulation) approach
  • Preparation of educators to implement MASK-ED™ (KRS simulation)
  • Guidance for the development and creation of characters that bring MASK-ED™ (KRS simulation) to life
  • Guidance and direction for integration into curricula