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The academy draws on its natural synergy between three schools: School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Sciences (SNMSS); School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences (SHMAS) and School of Business and Law (SBL) to provide a world-class experience in health workforce research. Learners pursuing this area of research have the advantage of working alongside world-renowned researchers, supervisors, mentors and international collaborators with health workforce expertise in cutting-edge methodology, innovative research designs, pedagogy and theoretical conceptualisation.

The mechanisms of support offered through this academy aims to enhance the applied research capabilities of higher degree candidates, enabling them to develop agility and resilience in health workforce research. We foster industry, community, national and international research collaborations to develop sustained research capacity.

Our industry partners and collaborators play a key role in co-designing the health workforce agenda and progressive pedagogy to enhance learning and adaptive research skills. The academy welcomes learners who want to be the catalyst for change and encourages potential national and international collaborators to partner with us in building the research capability for the health workforce.

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As a member, you will have access to several member benefits. Here are some great perks you get for becoming a member with HWA:

  • HWA Learning Kits with Micro-credentials
  • Enjoy members-only webinars
  • Enjoy members-only masterclass
  • Bespoke training
  • HWA Scholarships
  • Financial Incentives for publications
  • Mentorship program
  • Industry contact
  • Free writing and method resources
  • Exclusive VIP event entry
Health Workforce Academy at CQUniversity


Hi my name's Amy Byrne and I’m a member of the health workforce academy with Central Queensland University.

As well as being a member, I’m also the student lead for the student advisory council with HWA.  This was created to ensure that all RHD students have a say in what happens at HWA.

As well as this I’m also the lead for a qualitative researchers group that occurs every month. This is a peer-led support group where we write, we present to each other and we can use that as an opportunity to network and engage from student to student.

I’d really encourage you to check it out! As well as being the student lead, I’m also a member of HWA and I found this incredibly useful for my own PhD journey.

HWA offers a number of opportunities for students to engage with industry and also academic experts. We have monthly, if not more frequently courses that are available on a number of methods and research opportunities.  We can engage with industry experts and industry partners looking for research assistants and also grants and things like that.

There's also other tools and things available such as conferences, peer support, writing groups and circles and much much more. I’d encourage all students, all our HD students to get involved with the HWA. You will find that there are a number of experts in any group that you go to, as well as a number of peers which will offer abundant support for you and it will be incredibly beneficial to you and your journey, so definitely check out HWA.