Welcome to the School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences at CQUniversity. School staff are committed to ensuring all students reach their potential by providing a broad range of learning experiences achieved through a variety of teaching strategies. These learning opportunities assist in the development of discipline-specific skills and generic transferable skills relevant to life-long learning.

Within the school, staff are motivated to ensure approaches to learning and teaching are:

  • student centred
  • based on up to date educational research
  • underpinned by a curriculum that is transparent and aligned to outcomes required by future employers
  • effective in promoting critical thinking, stimulate intellectual curiosity and the desire to continue learning throughout life

Assessment for learning

Effective learning and teaching outcomes for students are based upon appropriate assessment strategies. If assessment drives learning then it is clear that effective assessment drives effective learning positively reinforcing the success of students as they progress toward their educational goals. At CQUniversity, transparent assessment strategies aligned to the learning required by students in the different programs of study offered within the school are promoted.

Workplace based learning

Work-based learning is your chance to discover things you can't learn in a classroom. Get inside information about the career you're interested in, or simply get a taste of what it's really like on the job.

In the School of Human Health and Social Science many of the programs of study provide the opportunity for students to learn in authentic workplace based learning environments related to their chosen professions.

Imagine learning in a clinic treating sports people with injuries, or helping children with a disability to walk and run with their friends!

Learning and Teaching Framework statement

Overall, at CQU we visualise the student learning journey as a transformational learning curve, supported by the staff and activities of the University. The Learning and Teaching Framework which supports the learning and teaching activities at the University is available in the Policy website.

Learning and Teaching Services

Learning and Teaching Services (LTS) supports quality learning and teaching across CQUniversity Australia. There is a LTS intranet available to staff, which provides a range of resources relating to learning and teaching.