For each of the degree programs and their specialisations there are varying audition requirements. These can be found by clicking on the links below.

Audition Tips for the Bachelor of Theatre



I'm Renee, I'm studying the Bachelor of Theatre, specializing in Musical Theatre and I will be discussing the audition process.


Yeah, like any person would be, I was definitely nervous of the possibility of not getting in and once I entered the room, I felt the warmth and the loving from all the panel members and it was so nice to be a part of it and I knew that that's where I wanted to be, so I felt a lot calmer. No, I didn't learn anything new and I wouldn't recommend it, but for my song I had previously learned a song that didn't quite fit with musical theatre, but it worked and it was something that I was confident with for my monologue. I learnt it from high school and it was for an assessment, so it worked and for the dance, I learnt one from my dance school that I used for the Eisteddfod.


I actually have four tips for you today;

One - come prepared and know your stuff.

Two - be kind to the panel members and yourself.

Three - trust yourself and know what you're doing.

Four - act more confident than you feel.