Townsville Local Links

Below is a short list of resources relating to transport and accommodation available in Townsville. For more information on facilities in Townsville as well as living in the region, please refer to the below sites for more information.


Hostels in Townsville

Townsville has a large selection of hostels. For further information, you can visit

Homestay links for Townsville

Homestay Townsville

Australian Homestay Network
Tel: 1300 697 829

Links to Private Rental Properties in Townsville

  • Domain's website is part of Fairfax media and offers up-to-date listings on real estate for sale and rent.
  • is one of Australia's most popular property websites.
  • is an online classified and community website that lists everything from rental properties to jobs and much more.

Other Useful Links

The Residential Tenancies Authority aims to inform and educate tenants about their rights. They provide advice and assistance for tenants or private and public residential properties, and residents of rooming houses in Queensland, Australia.