CQU Noosa Institute - Wide Bay Health Symposium

‘Thinking innovatively in collaborative health care practice’

18 and 19 September 2019, CQUniversity Bundaberg

Discover the latest trends in health innovation with interactive workshops and presentations from national industry leaders. With topics including MEDIFARM Australia’s medical cannabis, the increasing use of robotics in healthcare, how to lead and coach health teams and the latest research in health leadership and innovation, this is a professional development opportunity not to be missed.

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Adam Benjamin - Keynote speaker at the Wide Bay Health Symposium

Mr Adam Benjamin, Founding Director, MEDIFARM

From plant to patient: MEDIFARM Australia’s medical cannabis

Adam Benjamin is the founding director of MEDIFARM, Australia’s first licenced medical cannabis cultivation and manufacturing company. Adam founded MEDIFARM to help Australian patients who seek improved health outcomes with leading medical cannabis treatments.  Adam’s presentation will focus on the questions, opportunities, challenges and priorities associated with Australia’s medical cannabis industry.

Preethi Preethichandra - Keynote speaker at the Wide Bay Health Symposium

Associate Professor Preethi Chandra, School of Engineering and Technology, CQUniversity Australia

Robotic Applications in Healthcare and Biomedical Fields

Robotic applications are an increasingly hot topic in healthcare and biomedical fields.  As an innovator and expert in this field, Preethi will present an enlightening insight into current and future applications.  And - while Peppa the service robot is unable to travel for the event, Preethi will provide some entertaining updates on his work in the local hospital and how robotics is used to improve health outcomes.

Kathy McKenzie - Keynote speaker at the Wide Bay Health Symposium

Mrs Kathy McKenzie, Director, FIREUP Coaching

Conversational Intelligence -the key to successful innovation and collaboration

Kathy is a pioneer in the field of coaching in Australia. She is an innovator and entrepreneur who loves seeing others evolve. Her presentation will provide practical strategies for successful communication, innovation and collaboration.  Kathy’s presentation will be entertaining, but also tackles a serious issue faced by many in the health sector, particularly those working in multidisciplinary teams.  Successful communication in teams is critical to successful patient outcomes and work satisfaction for health care professionals.

Dr Matthew Thomas

Associate Professor Matthew Thomas, School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences, CQUniversity Australia

Risk-based Approaches to Managing Fatigue in Healthcare and Beyond

Issues around fatigue and sleep are often associated with shiftwork and of particular concern for those in the health and caring professions.  Matthew Thomas will discuss his critical research in this area, and suggest strategies to manage fatigue and associated risk in health care and other industries.

Adrian Pennington - Keynote speaker Wide Bay Health Symposium

Mr Adrian Pennington, Chief Executive, Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service

Personal vision for health care in the Wide Bay region

Adrian Pennington is regarded as a leader in the field of health care redesign. He will give an overview of the many opportunities and challenges ahead for health care in the growing Wide Bay region.  This is a critical period of time for the region, and Adrian will give us all an insight into the future.

Gracelyn Smallwood

Professor Gracelyn Smallwood, Professor of Nursing & Midwifery/Community Engagement, CQUniversity Australia

Closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians

Gracelyn Smallwood’s presentation will provide greater insights into the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, and advise on the role that those in the health care sector and within the community can play to close the gap.

A registered Nurse and Midwife, Gracelyn Smallwood was the first Indigenous Australian to receive a Master of Science in Public Health and has also completed a Diploma of Indigenous Mental Health.

Kerry Reid_Searl - Keynote speaker at the Wide Bay Health Symposium

Professor Kerry Reid-Searl, Professor of Simulation, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Sciences, CQUniversity Australia

A journey of innovation in daring to be different

Professor Kerry Reid-Searl is a sought after and entertaining keynote speaker, who has combined creativity, humour, drama, clinical expertise and innovative teaching principles to develop MaskEd and PupEd. Her presentation will leave you laughing, crying as well as inspired and transformed.

Fiona Sewell - Keynote speaker at the Wide Bay Health Symposium

Mrs Fiona Sewell, Executive Director of Nursing and Midwifery Service, Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service

Leading with influence 

Mrs Fiona Sewell is the Executive Director of Nursing and Midwifery Services for Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service. She will draw upon more than 30 years of nursing experience and extensive  nursing leadership to provide practical strategies appropriate to all professionals.  She is well versed in the topic, having been honoured with an Australia Day Award for exceptional leadership during the Queensland Floods.

Desley Hegney - Keynote speaker at the Wide Bay Health Symposium

Professor Desley Hegney, Professorial Research Fellow, Research Division, CQUniversity Australia

Burnout and resilience: does this differ across employment sectors

Professor Desley Hegney is a Professorial Research Fellow at CQUniversity. She tackles a critical topic in her presentation, delivering the confronting facts about an issue facing all who work in health, nursing and community care - burnout and resilience. This topic will benefit managers, practitioners and educators alike, and is a difficult conversation many industries need to have.

Michael Cowling - Keynote speaker at the Wide Bay Health Symposium

Associate Professor Michael Cowling, School of Engineering and Technology, CQUniversity Australia

Technological disruption: Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality and immersive technologies 

Professor Tech and his team will provide a hands-on experience with immersive technologies throughout the symposium.  You will learn some of the latest and coolest tricks and techniques utilising augmented and virtual reality to wow your colleagues, friends and family when you return home.  Don’t miss this ‘play-based’ opportunity!

Fiona Coulsen - Keynote speaker at the Wide Bay Health Symposium

Professor Fiona Coulson, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Strategic Development), CQUniversity, Australia

Prof Fiona Coulson is the CQUniversity Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Strategic Development), a role which sees her spearhead the University’s exciting Dare to Be Different agenda.  Prof Coulson will be our Master of Ceremonies for Day 2 of the Symposium, but will also give us an insight into future opportunities and innovative collaborations in health and health education.

Interactive Workshops

Wide Bay Health Symposium participants will be able to participate in hands-on discussions and workshops delivered by experts. These 90-minute interactive workshops include the following topics.

Facilitated by Dr. Marika Guggisberg (CQUniversity)

The aim of this workshop is to examine the issue of sexual victimisation among women with developmental disabilities. It is important for health professionals to understand the particular vulnerabilities of women with developmental disabilities to sexual exploitation, coercion and assault. Focus of attention will be on the right to sexual decision making, reproductive choices as a human rights-related issue such as contraceptive decision making, and accessing information in relation to sexuality – in short, the right to pursue a safe and satisfying sexual life.

Facilitated by Jennifer Mulvogue, Cherie McGregor, Colleen Ryan, Paloma Cesare (CQUniversity)

Delivered by graduates of Foundation in Peer Supported Open Dialogue Training Wide Bay 2017, this workshop will allow participants to experience an introduction to Peer Supported Open Dialogue and its value in compassionately supporting both people who experience mental health challenges and those who support them. Discussions around how peer supported open dialogue may bring about opportunities for true collaborative partnerships in the health sector will be encouraged.

Facilitated by: Wendy Madsen (CQUniversity); Rod Ainsworth (Bundaberg Regional Council); Shelley Pisani (The Ideas Distillery); Di Wills (Creative Regions) ; Madonna Chesham (CQUniversity)

The arts have been used to promote health from an individual therapeutic perspective for several decades. This workshop will use four case studies based on different art modalities – theatre, music, visual arts, and writing – to guide group discussions related to designing a project, research or evaluation methodology, and contribution to community health and wellbeing. This will be followed by a collective discussion that summarises the group findings and explores the logistics of undertaking a project that involves art practitioners and health professionals.

Facilitated by: Colleen Ryan; Tracey Simes; Penny Heidke; Patricia Channell; Shannon Delport

Simulation is one way health care workers learn clinical skills and knowledge. It is well known the learning in simulation occurs during debrief, however inadequate debriefing of simulation participants causes harm; negating opportunities for quality learning1. In this workshop, participants will observe, experiment and facilitate a two-phase Simulation Debrief

Facilitated by Brett Preston (Wide Bay Health and Hospital Service)

This workshop is designed to support participants to discuss and identify the top 3 critical non-clinical needs of future leaders and to draft a healthcare development products and services matrix for their organisation. This will be aligned to the Public Service Commission Leadership competencies for Queensland.

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