Engage with Melbourne

Will Alderton is the Associate Vice-President of the Victoria Region and is responsible for the management of this vibrant, city centre campus in Melbourne, which is home to students from around the world.

Will is keen to ensure that students benefit from everything that the city can offer in the form of career and volunteering opportunities, social activities and exposure to a range of diverse cultural experiences. With an increasing focus on community engagement and social enterprise opportunities, students and staff of the campus have opportunities to participate in activities that support the University’s core values of engagement and inclusiveness.

The campus specialises in business, management, public health, information technology and systems, and also runs several hands-on programs: sonography, engineering, and paramedic science. In regional Victoria, CQUniversity offers pathways into the Bachelor of Agriculture, and clinical skills labs and residential schools for the Bachelor of Nursing in Hamilton.

Contact: Will Alderton w.alderton@cqu.edu.au