07 November 2016

Simulation training in workplaces could benefit from trainees speaking aloud, providing a window into their decision-making.

01 November 2016

Aussies are being asked to open up about their experiences with sleep and sex, through a new confidential survey.

21 October 2016

For one week in late November, Adelaide will be the focus of debates about risky behaviour and how we calculate risk in various endeavours.

SUN rises for student options in Adelaide

Teens across Adelaide and the wider South Australian region are being encouraged to explore CQUniversity Australia’s Start Uni Now (SUN) program. Read more

Published: 08 September 2016

Lifestyle's not just a buzz word, it's a new research frontier

Lifestyle’s not just a buzz word in the pages of glossy magazines. The way we live our lives has a great impact on our brains, our bodies and the planet. Read more

Published: 06 September 2016

South Australian community can influence bushfire safety plans

The South Australian community of Pinery has the chance to influence research into the management of pets, horses and bushfire by taking part in an online survey. Read more

Published: 24 August 2016

Tackling the ‘yawning’ gulf in sleep that puts young workers at risk

Young workers are more likely to experience fatigue so a new technology-based intervention program aims to boost their sleep habits, duration and quality. Read more

Published: 05 August 2016

Helping ‘train sim’ to match ‘flight sim’ as a training tool

Drawing on the lessons of pilot training based on flight simulators, CQUniversity researchers have been doing ‘conceptual groundwork’ to help the rail industry catch up with a train driver training framework. Read more

Published: 20 July 2016

You can get involved in world's largest sleep census, devised with help from CQUni

You can get involved in the world's largest sleep census, devised with help from CQUniversity. Read more

Published: 30 May 2016

‘They’re like lemmings’ – railway boom gate violations revealed

The presence of researchers with hi-vis jackets and clipboards was not enough to prevent 705 violations of safety laws at a railway level crossing chosen as case study. Read more

Published: 11 May 2016