16 October 2014

Certified farm fire units could be used in a strategic way to help Country Fire Service personnel understand the needs of farmers.

03 September 2014

Few farmers have a 'Plan B' for coping with fires, according to CQUniversity researcher Dr Bradley Smith.

27 August 2014

CQUniversity is sending a strong contingent of researchers to provide input for the Australian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council (AFAC 14) conference in Wellington, New Zealand.

Comparing how dogs and dingoes solve problems and make decisions

A CQUniversity dingo specialist is collaborating with researchers from the Canine Cognition Center at Yale University. Read more

Published: 19 August 2014

Parents of infants and toddlers welcome at focus groups

Parents of infants and toddlers are invited to attend one of three focus groups coming up in Rockhampton, Mackay and South Brisbane during July to provide input for a comprehensive study of community perspectives regarding sleep and settling strategies for infants and toddlers. Read more

Published: 10 June 2014

Awake to the potential of sleep health to 'close the gap'

Sleep health can have a significant impact on the overall health of Indigenous children and could be used to 'close the gap' in whole range of ways. Read more

Published: 10 June 2014

What influences asylum seekers' destinations?

Researchers from CQUniversity's Appleton Institute in Adelaide are keen to hear from former asylum seekers and refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran who are now settled in South Australia. Read more

Published: 02 April 2014

Breaking the cycle of food waste

Australia wastes 7.3 million tonnes of food a year, with Australian households dumping more than half of that: about 4.1 million tonnes or around 9kg of food from every home, every week. Read more

Published: 27 February 2014

Strategy aims to reduce injuries, fatalities for SA’s young workers

Recommendations from South Australia’s young workers are included in a recently launched strategy that aims to reduce injuries and fatalities in the workplace. Read more

Published: 22 November 2013

'Boss of My Sleep Book' offers solutions without controlled crying

Two CQUniversity researchers have launched the Boss of My Sleep Book to put bedtime power into the hands of the child, making them an enterprising addition to their own wellbeing. Read more

Published: 18 November 2013