Dealing with death in the ED

30 August 2021

A recent study led by CQUniversity researcher Dr Adam Gerace has highlighted the challenges and shortfalls for nurses in delivering end of life care and comforting bereaved family members in hospital emergency departments (EDs).

Adelaide founder shares delicious journey from student to social entrepreneur

16 August 2021

CQUniversity’s Festival of Change 2021 has served up plenty of food for thought, including an Adelaide event showcasing the gourmet growth of local social enterprise The Foodprint Experience.

Food fighters face facts on food waste

25 May 2021

Potatoes the size of human heads and pallet loads of beer that were going to be poured down the drain were just two of the startling food waste stories that 13 future leaders were faced with in Adelaide earlier this month.

Resilience in the workplace needs positive psychology: CQUni expert

The recent push to promote good mental health in workplaces must go beyond ‘let’s meditate!’, a CQUniversity Positive Psychology expert has warned. Experienced social psychologist Dr Adam Gerace says responsive programs to improve mental wellbeing will be vital to support people and communities as they face long-term impacts of the pandemic. Read more

Published: 02 February 2021

New smart sleep study to revolutionise shift-worker safety

Disrupted sleep patterns can be deadly for Australia’s shift workers, but in a world-first study CQUniversity researchers are working with colleagues at and Monash University and Washington State university to create a new model to manage and prevent fatigue. Read more

Published: 14 December 2020

'Just right' candidate needed for train safety research scholarship

Ensuring train drivers can maximise comfort and safety in their workspace is a balancing act, and CQUniversity is looking for a PhD candidate who is ‘just right’ for the challenge. The fully funded PhD project is supported by the Australian Research Council, and offers a stipend of $28,092 per year for three years. Read more

Published: 04 November 2020

Poo progress for researcher composting canine waste

Australia’s 4.8 million dog owners are used to scooping poop, and a CQUniversity researcher hopes to make composting dog poo the next step of responsible dog ownership. CQUniversity Environmental Science PhD candidate and dog owner Emily Bryson has spent two years analysing decomposing dog poo for her research – and COVID-19 restrictions have meant the project is true backyard science. Read more

Published: 03 November 2020

CQU researcher awarded South Australian Young Tall Poppy science honour

CQU researcher awarded South Australian Young Tall Poppy science honour Read more

Published: 17 August 2020

CQUniversity researcher recognised for excellence in the communication of fire protection concepts

The (US) National Fire Protection Association honoured CQUniversity’s Associate Professor Chris Bearman and three of his colleagues with the 2020 Harry C. Bigglestone Award for their paper ‘Should we leave now?: behavioural factors in evacuation under wildfire threat’. Read more

Published: 25 June 2020

Global study shows more exercise, better sleep, healthier hearts in COVID-19 lockdowns

A world-first study by CQUniversity Australia and US human performance company WHOOP has used real-time physiological data to show global participants exercised more, got more sleep, and improved heart health during COVID-19 lockdowns. Read more

Published: 22 June 2020