Engage with Adelaide

Associate Vice-Chancellor Drew Dawson
Professor Drew Dawson

Drew Dawson is the Associate Vice-President for the South Australia Region and is responsible for CQUniversity's operations in Adelaide. CQUniversity Adelaide is home to The Appleton Institute, where Drew is also the director. The Appleton Institute boasts around 30 professional researchers, research students and support staff across a broad range of talents, skills and specialist areas including sleep research, safety science, applied psychology, human factors and safety management systems, human-animal interaction and cultural anthropology.

Community engagement

Our research, teaching and administration staff are passionate about engaging the community and industry partners to promote diverse connections that empower and strengthen the South Australian region.

The nature of our disciplines means that we remain engaged with our communities, employers, external research partners and other stakeholders. All of our staff are committed to ensuring that CQUniversity Adelaide and The Appleton Institute is at the forefront of CQUniversity's engaged agenda.

Engaged Research

Our research answers real-world questions and therefore typically involves external partners. Good examples of this include our work on fatigue and shiftwork with the rail, road transport, aviation, mining and maritime industries; our work on resilience in communities affected by natural disasters; our work on human circadian rhythms and sleep deprivation; our work on food waste behaviours, and; our work on refugees and asylum seekers.

Engaged Employment

Alongside staff who come from a traditional academic background, many of our staff have spent a lot of time working as industry consultants or clinical practitioners.

Engaged Teaching and Learning

Our programs are directly relevant to employment routes and we, therefore, make strong use of real workplace scenarios in our teaching. Students bring their experience from employment and placement to the teaching session and our assessment is truly authentic to the skills our graduates will need to use.