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Building stronger communities

At CQUniversity, we are committed to building thriving communities. Through our deep engagement with our regions across the nation, we have the ability to identify the real issues. And, we are ready to respond with sustainable solutions.

Regional and rural communities are disadvantaged in terms of access to services – the tyranny of distance means accessing quality vocational and tertiary education is more difficult, and therefore more expensive, than experienced by metropolitan students.

By providing a wide range of quality education and training, we can contribute to community resilience and build capacity, providing young people with the opportunity to stay in their communities.

Indigenous and remote communities across Australia experience significant disadvantage when it comes to educational and socio-economic indicators. This vast disadvantage between Indigenous levels of education and employment and non-Indigenous Australians is well documented. Indigenous students are estimated to be behind non-Indigenous students by the equivalent of about two and-a-third-years of schooling (Closing the Gap Report 2016).

Research proves when Indigenous Australians have a higher level of education, there is virtually no employment gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians (Closing the Gap Clearinghouse, 2014). In contrast, those with low educational attainment tend to have poorer health outcomes, lower incomes, and reduced employment prospects (AHMAC, 2015).

Solutions to overcome this disparity exist and have been proven to be successful in bringing about equity and inclusiveness to enable access and participation in education at all levels.

Your support of the CQUniCares Community Impact Fund will build a stronger future for our shared communities.