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At CQUniversity, it’s our belief that every single person deserves to further themselves through education. Regardless of background. Regardless of circumstance.

We are proud to have the highest ratio of students who are first-in-family, Indigenous, low socioeconomic, mature aged or from a disadvantaged background, compared to any other university in Australia. In fact, 45 percent of our students are from a low socioeconomic background. Many of these students face additional barriers during their study, with financial stress being one of the major obstacles preventing students from completing their qualification and reaching their full potential.

Your support of the CQUniCares Student Success Fund will provide deserving students without the financial means, with the opportunity to reach their full potential.

CQUniCares Scholarships provide financial support and development opportunities to new and continuing students. The impact of a scholarship goes far beyond the immediate financial need, allowing students to feel supported and encouraged throughout their study. Scholarships enable students to complete their education and go on to support their families and give back to our communities.

Academic Prizes

By supporting the CQUniCares Prize Program you are rewarding students’ dedication and achievement. Awarded annually, Prizes inspire all students to work hard and do their best. They celebrate individual success and encourage shared excellence.

Have a look through the full list of 2017 Academic Prizes. Congratulations to all the 2017 student recipients for their achievements, and thank you to our donors and partners who make these Prizes possible.

Emergency Grants
CQUniCares Emergency Grants provide immediate financial assistance to students experiencing real financial hardship. Each grant, of up to $1000, helps a student to cover expenses such as laptops, textbooks, rent, food and residential school travel. CQUniCares Emergency Grants go a long way towards helping students in their time of need to continue their study.

Through your donation towards the CQUniCares Student Success Fund, you will reduce the financial burden of study and enable success.

Emergency Grants Stories of Impact

We would like to share with you some of the stories of impact from students who have received a CQUniCares Emergency Grant in 2018.

Kelvin Nyantika“My name is Kelvin and I’m an International student from Kenya studying Digital Media. I applied for CQUniCares Student Emergency Grant after I was forcefully evicted from a shared house accommodation. I tried to seek affordable accommodation without success. I lived in my car for almost two weeks before I decided to apply for the emergency grant. I was very mentally and physically exhausted. I had missed out on classes due to lack of money to fuel my car.
Thanks to the grant and the incredible support and guidance from CQUniversity staff I was able move into accommodation at the Capricorn College and get my life and study back on track. I am humbled and extremely thankful to the fund donors. You have made a big difference in my life and I can only repay back by ensuring I get good grades and successfully complete my study.”  
Kelvin Nyantika, Bachelor of Digital Media, Rockhampton

“The support I have received through this emergency grant is much appreciated. With no family to support me I feel like CQUni is my family and I hope to support the fund myself one day. The money you give is much more than just financial. It says, ‘we believe in you’, and they are welcoming words when you are struggling financially, and feel so alone. Keep up the great work, and thank you so much for your kind hearts and generosity.
Jacqui Watts, Bachelor of Accounting, Brisbane

Heather Sanders“My name is Heather Sander, I’m a single mother of four studying a Bachelor of Education (Primary). I used the grant to purchase two textbooks and to pay my internet bill, with the little I had left used to buy some groceries for my family. I am greatly appreciative of the support I received at a time when I really needed it. I’m feeling more confident in finishing my degree as a result of this grant.”
Heather Sanders, Bachelor of Education (Primary), Rockhampton