Get to know Brent

Get to know Brent

Without my scholarship, essentially I wasn’t going to be able to study. To me, receiving this scholarship was a massive deal.

My name is Brent Lowien and I’m a BMA Community Scholarship recipient studying a Bachelor of Medical Sonography.

As a mature aged student and father, my change in career path, after working in mining for eight years, was made possible through the assistance from my donor-funded scholarship.

I’m originally from Rockhampton and am now based in Mackay, and am the second youngest of five brothers and the first in my family to attend university.

Without my scholarship, essentially I wasn’t going to be able to study. Working away for eight years, my scholarship has allowed me to change my career and come home. I can now spend more time with my daughter.

To me, receiving this scholarship was a massive deal – it’s changed my future, it’s changed my daughter’s future. It’s allowed me to return to study for a career locally rather than working away, that’s going to change my whole quality of life and make me, as a person a lot happier. Perhaps without my donor fully realising, this scholarship will have such a massive effect on the rest of my life.
Studying at CQUni has changed my life in a massive way. Unfortunately, as life goes I didn’t quite get to university straight off the bat, so it was quite a bit of a culture shock. I spent a lot of years in the mining industry and I was away from home for extended periods of time.

It’s been a number of years since I’d studied or had to do an assignment so it’s been a big change for me. It’s got my brain going again, I feel a lot more fulfilled in what I’m doing and I’m actually enjoying it.

I knew I wanted a career where I was able to work 9-5, so that I could spend time with my daughter and not be away from her with my job.

I chose to study a Bachelor of Medical Sonography after I had a look around at what was on offer and stumbled across CQUni’s course. I jumped at the opportunity and have been loving it ever since. I have a passion for helping people and after I finish studying I hope to become a Sonographer specialising in obstetrics.

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