Stories of Impact

Everyone has a story. At CQUniversity we take the time to get to know our students, who are able to achieve their education thanks to the scholarships from our generous partners and donor community.

Through scholarships and bursaries, students are supported on their journey to be who they want to be, and by sharing their stories they hope to inspire more of our community to support CQUniCares. Be inspired to create change with us and discover the stories of those we’ve come to know.

Get to know Jackie


"I chose nursing because my youngest child was born premature and the work I saw the Nurses do was inspiring. I wanted to give back to the community. I’m a single parent, and I struggle financially, but I didn’t want to give up my passion of becoming a Nurse. The scholarship helped out a lot with bills and allowed me to get childcare when I needed it."

"My family is my motivation to do better. The future is bright with education and I believe that the support for students, offered by CQUniCares is really important – it’s life-changing. It’s helped me a lot and I am forever grateful for the help that I have received."

Get to know Casey


"I would like to express my sincere gratitude in receiving a CQUniCares Appeal Scholarship. I put this scholarship towards travelling to Vietnam for a five-week placement in May 2018."

"I have been given the opportunity to work in orphanages, charity clinics, schools and rural villages with some amazing disabled kids and have a chance to make a real difference to their lives."

"I really enjoyed the opportunity to build a rapport, even over such a short period of time and provide useful tips and ideas on how best to manage these conditions."

Get to know Kelvin


"I applied for a CQUniCares Student Emergency Grant after I was forcefully evicted from a shared house accommodation. I tried to seek affordable accommodation without success."

"Thanks to the grant and the incredible support and guidance from CQUniversity staff, I was able to move into temporary accommodation at the Capricorn College and get my life and study back on track."

"I am humbled and extremely thankful to the fund donors. You have made a big difference in my life."

Get to know Heather


"The emergency grant helped take the pressures off daily living and gave me the opportunity to buy textbooks and pay for living expenses. Trying to juggle four children (three with special needs) and study can be challenging."

"I believe the more support offered to students, the better they succeed and become a valuable asset to our society."

"I’ve certainly been able to spend less time worrying about not having money to pay the bills and more time and attention on my studies."

Get to know William


"I’m the first person in my family to go to Uni – so going to university was a big deal for me."

"It was really easy to apply and the scholarship has had an exponential effect on my life: I spent more time on my studies, which improved my grades and provided greater job opportunities."

"It’s not just a sum of money but much, much more. Without the scholarship, I wouldn't have received first class honours and been able to walk straight into a graduate job."

Get to know Caitlin


"It was a combination of people who encouraged me to apply for the scholarship – it was a mix between my teachers in high school, my parents, and also myself, wanting to be able to financially support myself throughout university."

"I live out of town, so that’s half an hour to and from every day. In my first year, I went to University every single day. It doesn’t sound like much to begin with, but when you’re travelling five hours a week just going to University, it starts clocking up."

"Receiving the Auswide Bank Scholarship was amazing and really did start the process of changing my life. I’ve been able to devote my time to my studies, which has definitely been a benefit to my grades. This year, I was also able to start volunteering at a local hospital in their Finance department and gain experience, whilst still juggling my studies and not having to worry about financial stress."