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Vision and Values

Mission and vision

By 2020, CQUniversity will be a much larger university. The University will increase and innovate the delivery of its distance learning and on-campus programs across Australia and provide students with seamless articulation pathways. CQUniversity will be a truly unique university that has gained its strength through power of place. This power of place will inform its activities and enable it to become a leader in the areas of research, learning and teaching, engagement, the student experience and social innovation.

CQUniversity will also continue to be an inclusive university and a university that values diversity and giving back.

Within the next five years, CQUniversity will go from Strong to Great through engagement by:

Growing our engagement and reputation through working with diverse communities to build deep and enduring relationships which will be strengthened as we taken on a more active role in promoting educational, social, cultural and economic wellbeing. We will value our relationships with stakeholders and draw on this collective knowledge and experience to make a valuable contribution to industry and community. And we will invest in our staff to provide learning outcomes and experiences that benefit our students and stakeholders, and promote and protect free intellectual enquiry and expression in all activities.

Growing Higher Education and Vocational Education Training through attracting and retaining more students with high-quality offerings and flexible, seamless pathways. These pathways will assist prospective and current domestic and international students, to map out a study plan that enables them to meet their educational and career aspirations. Importantly, our students will be engaged in their learning through collaborative activities and authentic learning and teaching design.

Providing a great student experience through developing a culture that fosters a positive student experience that enables our students to be what they want to be and by being completely committed to the principles of social innovation, inclusion, accessibility and widening participation. Ours students’ learning journey will be optimised through a supportive environment that promotes success, regardless of their background. Our students will become career-ready graduates by being given the opportunity to participate in work integrated learning and outbound mobility programs. Through this they will develop the knowledge, skills, understanding and life experience to fully participate in society and economy.

Undertaking great research that is informed by the needs and aspirations of our industries and communities, both here in Australia and overseas. To do this we will engage with regional, national and international research communities and industry partners to increase activity and offer outstanding programs for staff and students. Through this we will develop world class researchers who work towards the improvement of communities by promoting knowledge and innovation.

Expanding our presence and reach to meet the needs of our students and communities. We will do this by delivering opportunities for people to more easily access vocational and tertiary study, whether that be through improved online learning technologies or through the establishment of new facilities, study centres or campuses.



We connect with our stakeholders and communities by having strong relationships and productive partnerships which deliver mutually beneficial outcomes.


We lead by consistently demonstrating excellence in learning and teaching, research, engagement and governance.


We focus on and achieve our goals, we 'think big', aspire to greatness and apply innovation in everything we do.


We promote transparency in processes, procedures and decision-making and emphasise consistency, fairness and probity as integral to our relationships, individual and collective, with all stakeholders.


We respect and seek full participation from, and engagement with, all staff, students and the community without any discrimination toward any individual or group.