Vision and Values

Mission and vision

By 2027, CQUniversity will be a much larger university. The University will continue to increase and innovate the delivery of its online learning and on-campus courses across Australia and will continue to provide students with seamless articulation pathways. CQUniversity will be a truly unique university that has gained its strength through the power of place. This power of place will inform its activities and enable it to become a leader in the areas of research, learning and teaching, engagement, the student experience and social innovation.

CQUniversity will also continue to be an inclusive university and a university that values diversity and giving back.

Over the next 10 years, CQUniversity will deliver on its 2017-2027 strategic intent through:


At the heart of CQUniversity are the concepts of engagement and social innovation. The focus on engagement will continue to drive the interaction of the University with our many communities. CQUniversity will also continue to have deep and empowering engagement with our staff, students and alumni. In the coming years, CQUniversity will use all of our resources to bring out the social innovation required to address some of the world’s most difficult social challenges.
CQUniversity students will develop the skills they need to make a difference in our society and change the world. Over the next 10 years CQUniversity will:

  • continue to engage with our communities to enable them to meet their aspirations
  • undertake teaching and learning which is engaged and has a positive impact on CQUniversity’s communities
  • undertake world-class research which has a tangible and positive impact and provides us with the foundations upon which to build the future
  • engage with our students to enhance their student experience and empower them to be what they want to be
  • engage with staff to have a strong sense of purpose and for them to become what they want to be
  • engage with alumni to keep them connected with their university and provide them with opportunities to contribute to the success of CQUniversity
  • embed social innovation into our curricula to enable graduates to change their world and make it a better place.


CQUniversity is a university of action. We must make decisions in a timely manner: act, monitor and then review. We must also ensure that we maintain the resources needed to deliver on our plans. We will continue to take risks accepting that not all our decisions and actions will be successful. Over the next 10 years CQUniversity will:

  • make decisions in a timely manner after undertaking due diligence
  • act quickly to deliver on our plans and monitor and review our actions
  • be a leader in the sector
  • be a disrupter rather than a passive victim of disruption
  • ensure that we have the financial resources we need to act on our plans through building sustainable finances, building up cash reserves and accessing financial resources from outside the University
  • continue to grow our University in terms of Australian and international student numbers at both existing and new locations.


To ensure that CQUniversity remains a great university, we must be trusted by all of our stakeholders. To do this, we will be transparent and open in our dealings. Over the next 10 years CQUniversity will:

  • communicate freely with all of our stakeholders (staff, students, alumni and communities) regarding our decisions and actions
  • admit to failure when we get things wrong, apologise, move on and learn to do better next time
  • become a leader in new media communication to inform people about the University and to grow our reputation.


The University will only remain great through the development and nurturing of great leaders. These leaders need to be in all parts of the University. By necessity, if everyone is a leader, then everyone needs to be a follower. At different times people will have to assume each of these roles. Leadership also needs to be sustainable in the organisation through effective succession planning. Over the next 10 years CQUniversity will:

  • develop our leaders, including our staff, students, alumni and community
  • develop a culture where leaders influence non-conventional thinking
  • develop succession planning to ensure that leadership within the University is sustainable
  • hire and promote people who are leaders and have an attitude that aligns with the values of the University.


CQUniversity will continue to be a great university and to cultivate our greatness by being a university for everyone. We will be a university that measures our greatness through the people we include rather than those we exclude. CQUniversity will applaud and celebrate all of our students who meet their full potential recognising that this will be different for different students. We will be a university which celebrates all our differences and is accessible to all people regardless of the school they attended, how much money they have, the country in which they were born, their race, religion or sexual orientation. CQUniversity recognises our special obligation with regards to Australia’s Indigenous peoples and recognises and celebrates our role in bringing about truth and reconciliation through education and research. In the next 10 years CQUniversity will:

  • continue to be Australia’s leading university for admitting students from equity groups
  • strive to work with students from equity groups to enable them to succeed in their studies by improving completion rates and enabling them to be what they want to be
  • open new delivery sites both physical and virtual in Australia and overseas
  • partner with Indigenous people to help address the effects of the terrible wrongs of the past
  • work towards the sustainability of our Vocational Education and Training (VET) operations so we can make the University more accessible to all people
  • undertake change-making research.



We connect with our stakeholders and communities by having strong relationships and productive partnerships which deliver mutually beneficial outcomes.


We focus on and achieve our goals, we 'think big', aspire to greatness and apply innovation in everything we do.


We promote transparency in processes, procedures and decision-making and emphasise consistency, courage, fairness and probity as integral to our relationships, individual and collective, with all stakeholders.


We lead by consistently demonstrating courage, excellence in learning and teaching, research, engagement and governance.


We respect and seek full participation from, and engagement with, all staff, students and the community without any discrimination toward any individual or group.