Student Activities

As a student at CQUniversity, your time with us is not just about classes, assignments and exams. Every student has a variety of opportunities available to them, and these opportunities are designed to enhance and individualise your student experience.

We have a strong focus on engagement, social outreach and giving back to our many and diverse communities. Many of our courses incorporate local, national and global opportunity to voluntarily contribute to activities and social projects aligned to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's). And as a student volunteer, you will gain invaluable experience and change the way you view the world.

Student Activities aligned to SDG's in 2018

Explore our student stories, partnerships and activities and see where our students have been volunteering and contributing to projects and initiatives aligned to the SDG's.

  • We continued our sponsorship of the Salaam Baalak Trust in New Delhi India, which provides volunteering opportunities for CQUniversity students and scholarships for street and working children in New Delhi.
  • We partnered with Orange Sky Australia to provide a vehicle in Townsville and for students and staff to volunteer on the project. Orange Sky provides free mobile laundry and shower facilities to the homeless
  • We partnered with Cranfield Catalysts who assists charities with management and business consulting.
  • We also partnered with the Melbourne City Mission an initiative to support people experiencing homelessness
  • We continued to work with the charity, Children of Nepal to improve the wellbeing of local disadvantaged Nepalese children. In 2018 this included hosting a visit on Sydney campus of the founder of Children of Nepal and the charity working with our social work students who were volunteering their time on a visit to Pokhara, Nepal
  • We also worked with GGC Volunteers in Vietnam to provide clinical opportunities for our physiotherapy students to support healthcare in Da Nang Vietnam.
  • CQUniversity partners with Big Idea charity to promote social innovation projects. CQUni's 2018 submissions were the biggest cohort since the partnership started.
  • Our Social Innovation Studio hosted a three-day workshop where students volunteered to work with disability not-for-profit organisation MultiCap to workshop future employment prospects for their clients.
  • We partnered with Clean Up Australia to remove waste from the urban and coastal environment


Our students have local, national and global opportunities to voluntarily contribute to activities and initiatives that aligned to the SDGs. Explore our student volunteering activities from 2018 below.


At CQUniversity, we deliver educational outreach programs and activities such as lectures, demonstrations, presentations and displays. Many of these activities are driven by CQUni staff, and as a student, you may be involved in voluntary student-run initiatives during your time with us.

Explore the sample of the outreach activities undertaken in 2018 below.

  • CQUniversity has a widening participation strategy that aims to promote higher education to low socioeconomic, regional and remote, and indigenous school students and sees our CQUni Connect team partnering with schools to deliver programs outreach programs.
  • CQUniversity partners with the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) program to promote and support the educational aspirations of indigenous students.
  • CQUniversity students engage with police and community stakeholders in delivering a theatre production called Choices to year 12 high school students as part of the preparation for post year 12 celebrations.
  • CQUniversity is a training partner in Project Booyah which provides educational opportunities for at-risk young people. It is a partnership between CQUniversity and the Queensland Police Force
  • CQUniversity partners with the Smith Family Learning for Life program. The Smith Family is a charity that supports financially disadvantaged young people with assistance in maintaining their educational aspirations.

Global outreach activities for 2018 include:

  • Nepal Health Clinic: our students immersed themselves in the Nepalese culture and undertook a schedule of activities tailored to their study discipline to broaden their international healthcare knowledge, as part of the University’s New Colombo Plan Mobility Program.
  • Nursing clinics in India: Our Bachelor of Nursing students, all funded under the Federal Government's New Colombo Plan, gained an insight into community medical conditions and treatments and interacted with locals through the development of educational activities and presentations in care centres.
  • Nursing clinics in Cambodia: Our nursing students undertook two medical missions in Cambodia, one on Silk Island and the other on Koh Sdach. The main tasks included conducting basic health checks, and educating locals on health-related topics
  • Music workshops in Malaysia: Our Conservatorium of Music  (CQCM) students had the experience of a lifetime, travelling to Kuala Lumpur to star in a collaborative production of The M1K-A-D-0, a futuristic revamp of Gilbert and Sullivan’s 19th-century opera comedy The Mikado. The production featured several of our theatre and music students from campuses around Australia; together with students from the Bentley Music Academy (BMA) Malaysia.
  • Paramedicine in Hong Kong: Our paramedic students had a chance to see some of Hong Kong’s distinctive motorcycle and truck-based ambulance services. The motorcycles are able to weave in and out of traffic while the ‘trauma trucks’ can provide minor surgical services.

Scholarships, Mentoring and Targeted Support

As a student at CQUniversity, you will find mentoring and scholarship opportunities available to you. These form part of our student support initiatives that help enhance your experience with us and your career opportunities when you graduate. Aligned to themes of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 Gender Equality these opportunities include women's access schemes. Explore a sample of the women's access schemes available in 2018.