SDG5 Gender Equality

At CQUniversity, we're committed to working towards a better future and actively participates in, coordinates and drives a range of initiatives and activities that align to SDG 5 Gender Equality.

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Scholarships, Mentoring and Targeted Support

As a student at CQUniversity, you will find mentoring and scholarship opportunities available to you. These form part of our student support initiatives that help enhance your experience with us and your career opportunities when you graduate. Aligned to themes of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 Gender Equality these opportunities include women's access schemes. Explore a sample of the women's access schemes available in 2019.


CQUniversity participates in outreach activities and collaborations to encourage increased participation by women in areas where they are historically underrepresented. Explore stories of our activities, workshops and projects that occurred in 2019.

  • CQUniversity collaborated with Central Queensland Multicultural Association on a project to provide more inclusive workplaces and employment opportunities for migrant women in regional Queensland.
  • Women in Agri-Tech project, a project that aimed to create and foster a strong network of female teachers who will become leaders in digital literacy, STEM, entrepreneurship in regional, rural and remote areas.
  • CQUniversity academics delivered a workshop on Women in Leadership and Entrepreneurship in Kathmandu, Nepal.


Explore the CQUniversity policies that align with SDG 5 Gender Equality:

At CQUniversity, we do not accept any form of discrimination, this is outlined in our Workplace Harassment, Workplace Bullying and Unlawful Discrimination Policy and Procedure, our Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedure and our Code of Conduct.

Our Parental Leave Policy and Procedure outlines the maternity and paternity leave policies available to CQUniversity staff.