SDG4 Quality Education

CQUniversity participates in and coordinates a range of activities, initiatives and activities that align to SDG 4 Quality Education. Explore the information on this page to find out more.

Educational Events

CQUniversity hosts several events open to the public that are aligned to the themes of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). So if you are interested in getting involved in a CQUniversity initiative, or would like to see some of our projects and initiatives in progress, explore our community education events and activities. Below you can explore an overview of activities from 2019. For current events, check out our events calendar.

Specific Events in 2019

Programmed Events in 2019

Specific Events in 2018/2019

Programmed Events in 2019

  • CQUniversity collaborated with Central Queensland Multicultural Association on a project to provide more inclusive workplaces and employment opportunities for migrant women in regional Queensland.
  • Women in Agri-Tech project, a project that aimed to create and foster a strong network of female teachers who will become leaders in digital literacy, STEM, entrepreneurship in regional, rural and remote areas.
  • CQUniversity Brisbane campus hosted 15 female teachers from regional, rural and remote areas of Australia who were chosen for the inaugural Women in Agri-tech program.
  • CQUniversity academics delivered a workshop on Women in Leadership and Entrepreneurship in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Outreach Programs

At CQUniversity, we deliver educational outreach programs and activities such as lectures, demonstrations, presentations and displays. Many of these activities are driven by CQUni staff, and as a student, you may be involved in voluntary student-run initiatives during your time with us.

Explore the sample of the outreach activities undertaken in 2019 below.

  • CQUniversity has a widening participation strategy that aims to promote higher education to low socioeconomic, regional and remote, and indigenous school students and sees our CQUni Connect team partnering with schools to deliver programs outreach programs.
  • CQUniversity partners with the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) program to promote and support the educational aspirations of indigenous students.
  • CQUniversity students engage with police and community stakeholders in delivering a theatre production called Choices to year 12 high school students as part of the preparation for post year 12 celebrations.
  • CQUniversity hosted a Lego League Shaper event which allowed students to get hands-on experience in robotics
  • CQUniversity is a training partner in Project Booyah which provides educational opportunities for at-risk young people. It is a partnership between CQUniversity and the Queensland Police Force
  • CQUniversity partners with the Smith Family Learning for Life program. The Smith Family is a charity that supports financially disadvantaged young people with assistance in maintaining their educational aspirations.

Global outreach activities for 2019 include:

  • GGC Volunteers LTD: Our Physiotherapy students, all funded under the Federal Government's New Colombo Plan, visited Vietnam and conducted clinics and therapy sessions within 10 different youth centres, charity clinics or schools.
  • Nepal's Fishtail Hospital: CQUniversity Bachelor shadowed staff at Nepal's Fishtail Hospital.exposing them to areas such as paediatrics, intensive care, medical and surgical, theatre, maternity, outpatient clinics, renal dialysis, accident and emergency, and medical imaging.They also provided health assessments and education to locals in a rural village.
  • Funded by the New Colombo plan, CQUniversity students will perform in a Malaysian theatre production, assist Vietnamese health workers, or gain teaching experience in Mongolia or The Philippines, in projects running from 2019-2020.
  • Cambodian Children's Fund: CQUniversity Oral Health students provided dental services to impoverished children at schools during their trip to Cambodia. The project was run by the Cambodian Children's Fund and the People Improvement Organisation.
  • Antipodeans Abroad: Thailand's Rachawadee disability centres recently welcomed 16 of CQUniversity's Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Exercise and Sports Science students. Students were able to work in multidisciplinary teams to work with residents who have a variety of significant physical disabilities and learning difficulties.


Explore the CQUniversity policies that align with SDG 4 Quality Education.

Our students benefit from access to educations resources such as computers, library, online courses, lecturers and other learning resources as follows:

  • Library (Free Access):  Our students, alumni, the general public, and students from other universities can borrow from CQUniversity libraries as per our Library guidelines.
  • Computers (Free Access): Students from other universities are able to access our wireless network (eduroam) from CQUniversity facilities as per our eduroam guidelines. Visitors to CQUniversity may be able to use computer facilities at CQUniversity as a “visitor” in accordance with our Information and Communications Technology Acceptable Use Policy and Procedure (refer Clause 3.2).
  • Online Courses (Free Access): the general public can access our Bachelor of Laws course material via iTunes U.
  • Courses (Fees apply): our courses are available for community members and the general public to study. We offer professional development courses that can be studied without needing to apply and enrol in a full degree (an award course). We also offer a range of short courses for the general public and community to follow a personal interest or passion. Like our Professional Development Courses, our short courses do not require you to be enrolled in a degree.  We also provide single non-award study opportunities that enable those note interested in studying a full degree to study a single unit without having to enrol in the degree.

CQUniversity's Equity Policy ensures that we take all necessary steps to create a safe, fair, equitable and inclusive learning and work environment. It ensures that no matter your ethnicity, religion, disability or gender you have access to activities, programs and opportunities provided and delivered by CQUniversity. This policy also guides us as we take a positive role in informing and educating students and staff of their rights and responsibilities in fostering a learning community that values equality. We do not tolerate unlawful discrimination, harassment or victimisation in any form.