SDG16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

Explore the CQUniversity policies that align with SDG 16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institution:

This policy and procedure outlines who is eligible to be elected as a member of Council, and describes the process for conducting elections to the Council. It ensures that as a body we have elected representation from students, faculty and staff on our highest governing body.

Our Student Representative Council (SRC) aims to unite the student body with fairness, respect and constructive progress, and directly contribute to enhancing the student experience.

University is one of the most exciting times of your life - the friendships and connections that you make will be lifelong, and joining a club is a fantastic way to meet people just like you. If you have any inquiries about Clubs and Societies, contact the Student Sports and Recreation Officer at or phone 07 4930 9174.

The SRC can provide guidance, assistance and support to students throughout their learning journeys. Student Advocacy is proudly supported by the SRC with a Student Advocacy Officer available to help students understand and navigate relevant University policies and processes and to articulate their issues.

CQUniversity's Region Engagement Committee Terms of Reference helps us to identify external local stakeholders, build and strengthen relationships with our local communities, and link CQUniversity to local issues.

CQUniversity's nine Associate Vice-Presidents are situated across our local campuses and play an active role in leading the engagement with local external stakeholders. that explicitly details the giving and receiving of gifts for staff.

CQUniversity has internal policies and procedures that address the ethical behaviour of our staff.  This helps encourage a culture that does not support organised crime, corruption, or bribery.

Our Audit Risk and Finance Committee monitors corporate behaviour on several variables including ethics. Refer to the Audit Risk and Finance Committee Terms of Reference, in particular, clause 2.41.

CQUniversity also has an explicit Code of Conduct as well as abiding by the Queensland Public Sector Ethics Act 1994 which also has an established Code of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct details the values and principles that guide behaviour. This includes integrity and impartiality in addition to accountability and transparency. Our Code of Conduct is further supported by the Central Queensland University Enterprise Agreement 2017, which details the process for dealing with misconduct (refer clause 27).

CQUniversity has a Gifts and Benefits Policy and Procedure

Intellectual and academic freedom is essential to CQUniversity's culture and the University's employee rights are recognised and protected as detailed in the Central Queensland University Enterprise Agreement 2017 ( refer Clause 43, page 69).

At CQUniversity, we encourage and support participation in the discussion of new ideas, innovative and critical thinking, and open and inclusive conversations around community and societal challenges and solutions and provide a safe space for this to occur. Our values support us as we create and offer safe spaces for our communities, government and non-government stakeholders to come together and discuss challenges safely and respectfully. Our value of inclusiveness explicitly states "We embrace and celebrate diversity and strive to improve access and participation. We promote respect, honesty and unity with safe and inclusive environments. We work together to create positive and tangible change with our communities.".