Research Efforts and Activities

CQUniversity's research efforts and activities align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) and through international collaboration and research, we review comparative approaches and develop international best practice on tackling the SDG’s

Our academics are not only editors on academic journals but also leaders of discipline-specific associations. These roles expose them to international developments and the ability to have dialogue around developments in their discipline field.


View the sample below of some of the research activities and efforts undertaken by CQUniversity academics in 2020.

Dr Surya Bhattari is:

  • the Editor of the Journal of Agricultural Science, and
  • an invited reviewer of the Journal of Agricultural Water Management, Irrigation Science.

Professor Anthony Schneiders is the:

  • President of the International Federation of Sports Physical Therapy,
  • Senior Associate Editor of the British Journal of Sports Medicine, and
  • International Associate Editor of the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy.

Professor Sarah Blunden is a:

  • Member of the Editorial Board of the Open Sleep Journal, and
  • Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Sleep Disorders Treatment and Care.

Professor Michelle Cleary is a:

  • Editorial Board member of the International Journal of Mental Health Nursing
  • Associate Editor and Column Editor of Issues in Mental Health Nursing
  • Author-in-Residence of Nurse Author & Editor
  • Associate Editor of Nursing and Health Sciences.

Brenda Happell is the:

  • Editor-in-Chief for the International Journal of Mental Health Nursing
  • Associate Editor of Issues in Mental Health Nursing

Professor Moira Williamson is the:

  • Associate Editor for the Women and Birth Journal

Dr. Katie de Luca is:

  • on the editorial board of Chiropractic and Manual Therapies
  • the section editor for the JMPT Women's Health section

Professor Roxanne Bainbridge is the:

  • Associate Editor of the Health Promotion Journal of Australia
  • Associate Editor of the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health

Dr Saman Khalesi is the:

  • Editorial board member of Critical Comments in Biomedicine
  • Reviewer board member of Nutrients

Dr Jay Deagon is a member of the Editorial Board of The International Journal of Home Economics.

Michelle Vanderburg is an editor of the South Carolina Association for Middle-Level Education Journal

Dr. Emma Turley is the co-editor of the British Psychological Society's Psychology of Women & Equalities Review

Vice-President, (Research), Professor Grant Stanley is the Associate Editor of the Biotechnology for Biofuels.

Dr. Jeena Panchasara is the Associate Editor for KES Journal

Professor Brijesh Verma is the:

  • Associate Editor of The Neural Networks and Learning Systems, and
  • Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Applications.

Professor Matthew Browne is a:

  • Member of the Editorial Board of The Journal of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence, and
  • Member of the International Editorial Review Board of Artificial Intelligence Research

Dr Mehdi Mirzababaei is the:

  • Associate Editor for the ASCE Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering
  • Guest Editor: Special Issue "Stabilisation and Reinforcement of Clays with Environmentally Friendly Materials" (2020)

Dr. Farzaneh Tahmoorian is the:

  • Editor for the Journal of Engineering Solid Mechanics

Dr Bill Zhao is the Editorial Board Member of the:

  • Global Journal of Engineering Research,
  • Journal of Civil Engineering,
  • Journal of Business and Management, and
  • International Journal of Project Organisation and Management.

Professor Craig Batty is co-editor of the Journal of Screenwriting and is on the editorial boards of Media Practice and Education, the International Journal for Creative Media Research, and the Journal of Writing in Creative Practice.

Dr Mehdi Mirzababaei is the:

  • Guest Editor: Special Issue Stabilisation and Reinforcement of Clays with Environmentally Friendly Materials

Professor Owen Nevin is the:

  • Associate Editor of the International Association for Bear Research and Management, Ursus publication.

Nanjappa Ashwath is the:

  • Associate Editor of the International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology.

Associate Professor Surya Bhattarai is the:

  • Guest Editor of the  Journal Water, Special Issue- Water use efficiency in Agriculture

Professor David Midmore  is the:

  • Associate Editor for Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology
  • Editorial Board for Experimental Agriculture
  • Editorial Advisory Board for Crop Physiology Abstracts

Dr. Nahina Islam is the:

  • Guest Editor, Special Issue “Artificial Intelligence and Automation in Sustainable Smart Farming” in Remote Sensing (Impact factor 4.509, Scopus Cite score 6.1),

Constance Lee is the:

  • Co-editor for the Research Handbook of Natural Law Theory (Edward Elgar, 2019).


Our applied research focus is oriented towards real-world outcomes, with the purpose of providing solutions to challenges and identifying new opportunities for advancement in our regions and beyond.

In 2018, this research focus saw CQUniversity achieve Excellence in Research Australia (ERA) results of ‘at’, ‘above’ or ‘well above’ world standard in 22 categories of research including Mathematics, Psychology, Nursing, Agriculture & VET Science, Horticultural Production, Environmental Science, Biological Science, Zoology, Engineering, Medical & Health Science, Human Movement and Sports Science, Information and Computing Sciences, Artificial Intelligence, Public Health & Health Services and Specialist Studies in Education.