Educational Resources

Our students, academics and teaching teams collaborate with a range of stakeholders, including government and non-governmental organisations (NGO's) to develop educational resources that identify solutions that lead towards a more sustainable and better future.


At CQUniversity, we have embedded social innovation principals across our courses, business practices, and our locations. We work with government, industry, business and community to encourage and empower our students to identify solutions to local, national and global challenges and to drive change.

Our focus on social innovation has lead to a range of opportunities for our students and the development of educational resources and initiatives that lead to a more sustainable future.

View our 2019 Social Innovation Brochure. You can also view previous versions by downloading our 2018 Social Innovation Brochure.

What we did in 2019

View a sample of the activities where CQUniversity has collaborated and engaged with stakeholders in the development of educational resources that align to themes of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

CQUniversity partnered with Roseberry QLD to host a three day Social Innovation worship centered around "How might we explore and develop a concept for the future needs of a youth homeless shelter". Students developed plausible concepts for a progressive youth homeless shelter that meets the needs of its occupants. These concepts were pitched to a panel of external judges on the final day of the workshop, and will feed into Roseberry Qld's Shelteristic 2025 project".

CQUniversity leads the 10,000 steps program to improve community health and wellbeing. It is a program that started in Rockhampton and is now a national community-based health initiative.

CQUniversity supports the Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research which convened the biannual Queensland Indigenous Family Violence Prevention Forum to bring together practitioners in domestic violence to discuss pertinent issues for indigenous communities. In addition, CQUniversity has developed professional development opportunities in domestic and family violence studies.

  • CQUniversity in collaboration with community service entities and other universities has developed the Choices program to educate year 12 school students on safe behaviour in their post year 12 school celebrations.
  • CQUniversity’s Community Aspirations Program in Education (Cap-Ed) created a bespoke teaching approach to support the delivery of certificate qualifications to remote indigenous communities.
  • Project Booyah in collaboration with Queensland Police, Police Citizen Youth Club and the Queensland Government provides at-risk students with hospitality training.

Professional Learning for Educators (Page 17) - CMERC engaged with three local groups - primary and secondary school teachers and teaching students on Quoin Island. CMERC assisted with the discussion and practice of scientific surveying methods and interpreting the relevance to students of all ages.

CQUniversity hosted a three-day Social Innovation Workshop where students participated in a range of activities focused around ‘How First Nations knowledge and practice around agriculture, sustainable farming, and land management might interface with new technology to maintain and regenerate local ecosystems', before pinpointing several current environmental issues, investigating possible solutions, and pitching their ideas to a panel of external stakeholders.