Education, Upskilling and Capacity Building

CQUniversity is a provider of choice and opportunity that strives to make education, training and research accessible to all—regionally, nationally, and internationally.

As part of our approach to education, we focus on being innovative and forward-thinking ensuring that we lead market trends in education, upskilling and capacity building. Through our courses, connections and communities, our students are exposed and encouraged to think critically about and address matters that align with the themes of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), leading to a more sustainable future.

The learning outcomes, course content and student activities designed as part of our courses address many of the themes of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Over the years, we have continued our long-term engagement and ‘giving back’ strategies to strengthen social innovation across its footprint, and this is evidenced by the range of student activities encouraged and incorporated in our courses. Our commitment to social innovation is about engaging with communities to address entrenched social issues and as a CQUniversity student, you will have student opportunities to take part in community projects that allow you to give back and contribute to your communities in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Higher Education Degrees

CQUniversity offers a tailored undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Agriculture, this degree will equip you with the agriculture knowledge, critical thinking and problem-solving skills required to play important professional roles in improving the productivity and sustainability of modern agriculture.

CQUniversity also offers both Bachelor of Environmental Science and Bachelor of Science undergraduate degrees whose teachings align closely with the values of environmental sustainability.

Integrated within these degrees are multiple avenues for students to learn and practice theory and skills in land ecosystems.  This content includes term-long units of study such as Integrated Land and Water Management and Sustainable Landscapes and can cover focused elements within broader units of study.  The Bachelor of Environmental Science degree includes a major in "Integrated land and water management", reflecting a strong focus on the interrelationship between land use and aquatic systems, and how best to manage them.

Each of the above-mentioned courses provides opportunities for students to complete Work Integrated Learning relevant to the field of study.

CQUniversity also offers certificate courses related to environmental sustainability for example, Certificate III in Conservation and Ecosystem Management.

Industry, partnerships and our communities are integral to CQUniversity's growth and sustainability. We have an embedded engagement agenda that drives interaction with our many partners, communities and stakeholders to create social, intellectual and cultural capital through education, training, research, and service.