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Why go to University?

Discover what sets university graduates apart from the rest, and what you can expect from university study. ...more »

Why study at CQUniversity

Find out more about CQUniversity's higher graduate outcomes and starting salaries, range of support services and flexible study options. ...more »

What can I study?

Built Environment and Design

Gain practical skills, knowledge of industry innovations, codes and practices and become a confident and capable industry professional. ...more »

Business, Accounting and Law

There are no limitations to where a business degree from CQUniversity can take you. Learn how to think, communicate, strategise and manage. ...more »


Want to make a difference and encourage others to learn? Enjoy a range of career opportunities within Australia's largest industry - Education. ...more »

Engineering, Mining and Technology

Choose from key industry areas including civil, mechanical and electrical engineering, mining and geoscience and enjoy paid placements with our Co-op programs. ...more »

Health and Medical Sciences

Discover state-of-the-art facilities, sophisticated teaching techniques and workplace integrated learning with CQUniversity Health and Medical Science degrees. ...more »

Humanities, Psychology and Social Work

Gain lifelong learning and transferable skills, study human behaviour or learn how to assist your community with family, personal and social issues. ...more »

Multimedia and IT

Enjoy a challenging and dynamic industry where graduates can expect to work for a range of industries and organisations. ...more »

Music and Theatre

If you love to perform, a music or theatre degree could be for you. Enjoy world class facilities, performance venues and teaching staff and hone your talent. ...more »

Science and Environment

Offering a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, Science and Environment programs allow you to develop specialised knowledge and real-world skills. ...more »