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Psychology, Social Work and Community Services

At CQUniversity, we offer a range of nationally-recognised courses and programs across the areas of Psychology, Social Work and Community Services.

These programs are dynamic and diverse, providing a solid basis for a range of career options. Our programs assist in developing your critical-thinking skills, oral and written communication techniques, research ability and capacity for further independent study.

Work experience and practical projects have also been integrated into many of our programs to ensure that your learning is relevant to your chosen career and provides you with the skills you need in the workforce.

If you have an inquisitive mind, enjoy working with people and want diversity in your job, then a career in psychology could be for you. If you have an interest in empowering individuals, families, groups, organisations, neighbourhoods, and communities to address social exclusion and social injustice, you may wish to pursue a career in social work. If you wish to explore work in a broad range of services that provide support to individuals and groups in the community, you may be interested in a career in Community Services.

Courses or programs in psychology, social work and community services provide development in lifelong skills that can be useful in all careers and in day-to-day life, such as critical thinking, research and investigation, communication, design and planning. With your working knowledge of the psychology, social work and community services fields, you'll be eligible for a wide range of human service or community jobs.

The Psychology, Social Work and Community Services course and programs available at CQUniversity offer you practical field experience as well as opportunities to enhance your knowledge in research or further study.

Certificate II

Certificate III

Certificate IV

  • Certificate IV in Aged Care
  • Certificate IV in Aged Care
  • Certificate IV in Aged care
  • Certificate IV in Community Services Work
  • Certificate IV in Disability
  • Certificate IV in Home and Community Care
  • Certificate IV in Leisure and Health

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