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Education and Humanities

At CQUniversity, our education and humanities programs are innovative and unique in their approach to learning. Whether you are looking to start your career, or widen and improve your employment prospects, CQUniversity can help you achieve your goals.

An education program at CQUniversity can provide you with the knowledge and skills required to be successful in your chosen learning context while our humanities programs will allow you to explore disciplines that study the way humans recognise, record and debate human practices, meanings and values. 

Within our education programs, practice is effectively integrated with theory providing you with a thorough understanding of education and ensuring you are classroom ready. Due to the close and continuing relationship between schools, we have the support of schools in accepting students on practical placements. You will benefit from frequent contact between yourself and staff, as well as smaller class sizes. The integration of education with almost all industries provides an opportunity for you to be able to pursue a career in something you are passionate about or talented in.  For example, if you are a talented musician, or have a keen interest in sport or the outdoors, you may consider teaching as a career direction as it allows you to explore your passion through teaching others.

The flexible structure of our humanities programs encourages you to tailor your own program by combining a selection of majors, minors and courses in humanities, social sciences and professional disciplines. You will experience a variety of perspectives, methodologies and learning styles and develop contemporary understandings both of the human condition and of how society operates. 

In addition to the specialist skills and knowledge you will gain by studying one of our education and humanities programs, you will also have the opportunity to gain crucial lifelong learning and transferable generic skills, such as critical thinking and problem solving.

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Dual Offer Programs

TAFE has long been a recognised pathway to university study. CQUniversity is pleased to announce a wide range of dual offer programs available with the Central Queensland Institute of TAFE (CQIT).

These dual offer programs provide students with an alternate pathway into university studies. . While studying the Diploma programs at TAFE students will gain valuable practical experience, this coupled with the core theoretical skills learnt at University ensures that students graduate work ready and are highly sought after by prospective employers. The following dual offer programs provide the practical skills and theoretical knowledge required within business, accounting and legal industries. This pathway is ideal for students who may not have qualified for immediate entry to university, or for those who are not yet sure, or ready, to begin university study.

A standard bachelor degree is usually a three year university program. Upon successful completion of diploma studies, TAFE graduates may be able to complete the available degrees within just two years by receiving credit transfers for their previous study. Students can save on the cost of university fees by first completing a Diploma Dual offer programs available include:

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