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TAFE and Training

CQUniversity Australia is now Queensland's first dual sector University.

The merger with Central Queensland Institute of TAFE (CQ TAFE) was made official on July 1, 2014 to provide the basis for more flexible pathways between vocational and university programs, while also providing university students the ability to include vocational competencies as part of their traditional higher education degree.

CQUniversity now offers a full suite of qualifications from Certificate I to Research Doctorates and a wide variety of vocational and professional development programs to meet the needs of the Central Queensland and beyond.

The University offers a great range of alternatives for students wishing to build upon their vocational qualifications and experience including:

Short Courses

CQUniversity now has a range of accredited and non-accredited short courses in a wide variety of interest areas. If you are looking at upgrading your skills, or have a talent or interest that your would like to pursue, our suite of short courses are designed to bring you the knowledge and skills you are looking for. 

Non-accredited courses, known as Adult Community Education (ACE) courses are short courses without formal assessment for people over 15 years and are typically held for two to three hours a week, over six to eight weeks.

Accredited short courses are designed to provide knowledge and skills across a wide range of topics including automotive, art, beauty, information technology, hospitality, small business, languages and sport.

Certificates and Diplomas

New in July 2014, CQUniversity have a range of certificates and diplomas available within:

Apprenticeships, Trades and Training

CQUniversity now offers nationally-recognised training to apprentices and trainees in a way and at a time that suits their workforce. Our trainers:

  • Work with the apprentice/trainee and employer to design a training plan, including:
    • what training needs to occur
    • how that training will be provided
    • when/where that training will take place and,
    • support both to make it work.
  • Provide a Training Record Book and any essential training materials at no cost to the apprentice/trainee.
  • Visit workplaces to monitor training.
  • Organise any additional learning support required (e.g. reading, maths skills).
  • Provide advice on fees and charges, and travel and accommodation subsidies.  

Mining and Energy 

CQUniversity Mining Centre a variety of recognised programs and short courses, designed specifically for industry training and development. For more information for employers, visit the industry and business section of our site.

Dual Offers

A range of programs are currently available which offer students from Central Queensland Institute of TAFE (CQ TAFE) the ability to seamlessly transition from their vocational studies to a CQUniversity degree.

Please visit and search for Central Queensland Institute of TAFE for more details.


Students wishing to study a vocational level now have an opportunity to do so through the University's subsidiary Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Train@CQUniversity (formerly known as Healthtrain).

Credit for TAFE or Vocational Study

If you have studied at a Diploma level or higher with a TAFE College or RTO you may be eligible for credit towards your university studies. Visit or phone the University (13 27 86) for further information. Further information can also be found by visiting the Credit Transfer page.