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What is STEPS?

Skills for Tertiary Education Preparatory Studies (STEPS) is an enabling program that provides a pathway for people wishing to gain entry to and excel in higher education.

Is STEPS suitable for me?

STEPS is suitable for you if you want to undertake tertiary study and may:

  • be returning to study or work after some time away
  • need to meet prerequisite subjects for your desired diploma or degree
  • want some additional support to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to successfully enter and undertake further study.

Download the Steps Brochure.

What happens after I complete STEPS?

Upon successful completion of the STEPS program, you can apply for entry to a CQUniversity diploma or degree program through the CQUniversity direct entry process (for those programs where direct entry is available). Alternatively, you can apply through the Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC) or the University Admissions Centre (UAC) for programs at CQUniversity or other institutions.

Can I complete a STEPS course whilst studying my undergraduate degree?

CQUniversity students who are currently undertaking coursework degrees can also enrol in STEPS courses to upskill in certain areas. Enrolment is established on the outcome of close collaboration between the student, the student's undergraduate course lecturer(s), the relevant STEPS access coordinator and, in some instances, the student counsellor. The student's current or planned course load as well as the student's particular upskilling needs will be taken into consideration when establishing an individual study plan.

Where can STEPS be studied?

STEPS can be studied at:

  • CQUniversity Brisbane, 160 Ann Street, Brisbane 
  • CQUniversity Bundaberg, University Drive, Bundaberg 
  • CQUniversity Gladstone, Bryan Jordan Drive, Gladstone 
  • CQUniversity Mackay, Boundary Road, Mackay 
  • CQUniversity Noosa, 90 Goodchap Street, Noosaville
  • CQUniversity Rockhampton, Bruce Highway, Rockhampton
  • CQUniversity Sydney, 400 Kent Street, Sydney - NEW from Term 2, 2014!
  • Geraldton Universities Centre*

STEPS can also be studied by distance education.

*The Geraldton Universities Centre supports the on-campus delivery of the CQUniversity STEPS program to students residing in Western Australia.

When is STEPS offered?

  • Term 1 (On-campus, Distance education)
  • Term 2 (On-campus, Distance education)
  • Term 3 (Distance education ONLY)

For specific term dates, please see our Events and Key Dates

How long does STEPS take?

The program takes between one and six terms to complete, with two terms being average. Each term is approximately four months in duration. Completion time depends on the results of your diagnostic entrance assessment, the time you have available for study, and the requirements of the undergraduate program you wish to enter.

What costs are involved in undertaking STEPS?            

The STEPS program is FREE of tuition fees, however, there are minimal costs associated with textbooks, stationery, photocopying and printing.

For more information on the associated costs please contact the STEPS Administrative Officer on 07 4150 7149.

What financial assistance is available to me?

The STEPS program is a Centrelink approved program. You may be eligible for various forms of financial support while undertaking the program. For more information visit their website.

What support is available to me?

The STEPS program aims to provide you with the confidence, knowledge and skills needed to begin a university degree. If you do need extra support while studying STEPS, your lecturers are available to offer assistance.

You also have the support of an access coordinator and a committed team of STEPS staff who will guide you through the program. You will learn to access CQUniversity's internet-based learning systems and make contact with other STEPS students, giving you the opportunity to discuss issues and make new friends.

Find out more about CQUniversity's full range of support services.