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Food Waste Project Team

Chief Investigators

Professor Drew Dawson

Director, Appleton Institute, CQUniversity
08 8378 4507

Professor Drew Dawson - Director, Appleton Institute

Professor Drew Dawson is the Director of Appleton Institute and the Inaugural Engaged Research Chair at CQUniversity. As director, he oversees basic and applied research into the effects of shift work and sleep loss on the health of employees. Basic research programs are focused on the interactions of the sleep and circadian systems, the effects of sleep loss and the ways people protect themselves against fatigue-related errors.

He is internationally recognised for his contributions to the scientific community and industry in the areas of sleep research, organisational psychology and human factors, industrial relations negotiations, and the human implications of hours of work. He has been responsible for numerous technological advancements in fatigue management including the FAID software, the prior sleep-wake rules within the Fatigue Calculator and more recent developments in fatigue- related error proofing.


Professor John Coveney

Prof. John Coveney - Flinders UniversitySchool of Medicine, Flinders University
08 7221 8419

John's research interests concern public health nutrition; history of food and health; food policy; and social and cultural factors that influence foodpatterns and food intake. John is also interested doing in research on the relationship between food, health and social media.


Professor Paul Ward

Prof. Paul Ward - Flinders UniversityDiscipline of Public Health, Flinders University
08 7221 8415

Paul's research interests are around socio-spatial inequalities and inequities in health, medicine usage and the provision of health and social care. Paul also has a particular interest in research around lay and professional perceptions, knowledge and understandings of health, healthcare, medicines and risk, and how these perceptions vary spatially and by socio-cultural group.

Dr Anne Sharp

Dr. Anne Sharp - University of South AustraliaSenior Research Fellow, School of Marketing, University of South Australia
08 8302 0637

Anne developed the Market Research courses offered by the university of South Australia School of Marketing for undergraduate, postgraduate and offshore delivery. The courses differ from traditional market research subjects by aiming to turn students into astute buyers and users of market research, rather than actual market researchers.


Prof. John Boland - University of South AustraliaDr John Boland

Professor of Environmental Mathematics, University of South Australia
08 8302 3449



Research Associate

Dr Kirrilly Thompson

Dr Kirrilly ThompsonResearch Fellow in Cultural Anthropology, Appleton Institute, CQUniversity
08 8378 4512

Kirrilly is a cultural anthropologist with varied research experience and interests. As well as working in ethnography and applied psychology she has experience in human-animal interaction and human factors.

Research Students

Christian Reynolds (University of South Australia)

Photo of ARC Food Waste Student Christian Reynolds

Christian Reynolds is a Visiting Scholar at the Integrated Sustainability Analysis group, University of Sydney, and a PhD candidate at the University of South Australia. In 2009, Christian graduated from the University of Adelaide with a double degree in Economics and International Studies (Hons), reading part of this program of study at Newcastle University, UK. Christian’s research is on an examination of the economic and environmental impacts of waste; specifically food waste. Christian is also interested in issues of food supply and food security.

Christian is a Waste Management Association of Australia Young Professionals NSW 2012 Scholarship recipient, and is supervised by Dr. Kirrilly Thompson, Dr. John Boland and Prof. Drew Dawson.

Sandra Davison (University of South Australia)

Sandra Davison - PhD StudentSandra is a PhD candidate at the University of South Australia. She is a psychologist with a Master's degree in clinical psychology. For the past 15 years Sandra has also been a part-time university lecturer in psychology, and has lectured in Adelaide, Hong Kong and Singapore. Clinically, much of Sandra’s past work has been in health and rehabilitation areas. She has assisted people to adapt and change health and lifestyle behaviours in areas such as brain injury rehabilitation, alcohol dependency and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Holding a strong interest in the social and psychological drivers of behaviour change, Sandra is now focusing on psychological aspects of community pro-environmental behavior. Her research focuses on selecting, tailoring and evaluating a psychological based informational intervention to help reduce household food waste.

Sandra is supervised by Dr. Anne Sharp, Prof. Kurt Lushington, Dr. Kirrilly Thompson and Professor Drew Dawson.

Vicki Mavrakis (Flinders University)

Vicki Mavrakis - PhD StudentVicki is a PhD candidate with the Discipline of Public Health at Flinders University. Vicki holds a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts and a Masters in Environmental Studies from the University of Adelaide. She has worked with food in both the private and public sectors in distribution, processing, sales, policy and food industry development. Vicki's research is on understanding how the everyday attitudes and behaviours of people's food consumption results in the generation of food waste in household settings. Vicki is also interested in food value chains, food tourism, equity and access and the translation of research into policy as well as practice.

Vicki is supervised by Professor Paul Ward, Dr. John Coveney and Dr. Kirrilly Thompson.

Elisha Vlaholias (CQUniversity)

Elisha Vlaholias - PhD StudentElisha Vlaholias is a PhD candidate at Central Queensland University. In 2012 Elisha graduated from Flinders University with an honours degree in Sociology. Elisha’s research interests include the cultural meanings of food and the socio-environmental issues of food wastage and food insecurity. She is currently designing a complementary study to the three food waste projects that are already underway in areas of behaviour change and program evaluation.

Elisha is supervised by Dr. Kirrilly Thomson, Dr. Anne Sharp and Prof. Drew Dawson.