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Research Higher Degrees

CQUniversity offers a range of Research Higher Degree programs to meet your needs. You can be what you want to be. 

Unlike coursework study, a research higher degree typically does not follow a structure of lectures, tutorials, assessment items and examinations. A research higher degree is a program of supervised research and study leading to the preparation and submission of a thesis.

Masters by Research

Doctoral Degrees

Masters by Research programs are based on research by the candidate, carried out under supervision across any of the University's Schools in the Higher Education Division.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs may be undertaken in any area in which supervisory expertise and appropriate infrastructure are available. The PhD is awarded on the basis of a thesis prepared under supervision that makes an original, significant and extensive contribution to knowledge and understanding in the relevant field of study, as judged by independent experts applying accepted contemporary international standards.

Doctor of Education (EdD) is a professionally based research higher degree available through the University  as an alternative to the traditional research programs. It offers a rigorous program combining structured advanced research tasks and a thesis component.

Doctor of Professional Studies (D.Prof)
The Doctor of Professional Studies is an internationally recognised higher research degree designed to produce innovation in commercial, government, educational and other applied settings. Whereas the PhD, EdD and other 'professional' doctorates are single-discipline based, the CQUniversity Doctor of Professional Studies is explicitly transdisciplinary to reflect the way research is carried out in industry and government.

The Doctor of Professional Studies is a challenging, real-world alternative to theoretical doctoral programs but with the same standard of academic rigour. Doctor of Professional Studies candidates attend CQUniversity Sydney for all coursework and support seminars. The campus is located in the heart of the city and offers a multicultural teaching and learning experience so that all students have the opportunity to develop skills and networks engendered by a 'global village' learning and working environment.

Further information can be found in the Student Handbook.