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Engagement Awards

The CQUniversity Opal Awards

Excellence in Engagement

The CQUniversity Opal Awards for Excellence in Engagement recognises and encourages outstanding engagement by CQUniversity staff and students with the community.

The award categories open to CQUniversity staff members are:

  • Engaged Training and Education;
  • Engaged Research and Innovation;
  • Engaged Service;
  • Engaged Internal Service.

The award category open to CQUniversity students is:

  • Engaged Service Learning

Please see the Excellence in Engagement Awards Procedure for further details, as well as a Nomination Form.

Nominations close Monday, 6 October 2014. 

Email or phone (07) 4940 7406 for more information.

2013 Opal Awards Winners

Engaged Learning and Teaching

  • Winner - The Safety Circus Applied Theatre Project  - Judith Brown, Hannah Barn
  • Finalist - Developing and Implementing Innovative Solutions for Clinical Education Placements – Crafting a Local Approach to Mental Health Clinical Learning: Anthony Welch, Monica Moran, Brenda Happell, Margaret McAllister, Louise Byrne, Maude Chapman, Justine Connor
  • Finalist - Reading SMART Literacy Program – Kerry Aprile, Lois Harris
  • Finalist - Training Therapists and Responding to Need in Regional Mental Health – A Model of Collaborative Care -  Bernadette Moore, Kevin Ronan, Karen Tyrell, Erica Olsen, Shani Granger, Kelly Bramstedt, Katy Coonan, Rebecca Sion, Stacey Koniw, Danica Adolfsson.

Engaged Research and Innovation

  • Winner - SPAD-risk Management & Mitigation - Anjum Naweed, Sophia Rainbird, Verna Blewett, Lily Hirsch, Drew Dawson
  • Finalist - Pathways to Employment - James Lejukole, Sophia Rainbird, Verna Blewett, Danielle Every, Larissa Clarkson.
  • Finalist - Tales from a Resilient Community - Wendy Madsen, Cathy O'Mullan, Monica Atfield, Michelle Isler.

Engaged Service

  • Winner - CQUniversity Schools' Jazz Festival - Jason Smyth-Tomkins, Derrin Kerr, Peter McKenzie, Bachelor of Music students
  • Finalist - Annual Indigenous Family Violence Prevention Forum - ATSI Reference Group, Heather Nancarrow, Anne Webster, Clinton Rawsthorne, Lauren Pattie.
  • Finalist - Options Day 2012 - Elizabeth Hamilton, Michelle Palu

Engaged Service Learning (Students)

  • Nominee - GABAI Native Bee Project - Leslie Lowe (Bachelor of Environmental Science)
  • Nominee - Aged Care Engagement - Cheniel Steinscherer (Bachelor of Paramedic Science)
  • Nominee - First Aid & Support of Australian Navy Cadets - Janelle Norton (Bachelor of Paramedic Science)
  • Nominee - The Smith Family & Mentoring Work - Cong Nguyen (Bachelor of Business)

2012 Opal Awards Winners

Engaged Research and Innovation

  • Winner - 10,000 Steps - Dr Mitch Duncan, Dr Corneel Vandelanotte, Anetta Van Itallie, Kelly Corry, Cindy Hooker, Luke Fallon,Stephanie Hall.
  • Finalist - Domestic and Family Violence Database - Heather Nancarrow, Anne Webster, Clinton Rawsthorne
  • Finalist - Growing Community Resilience in Theodore - Wendy Madsen, Cathy O'Mullan

Engaged Service

  • Winner - Earth Day - Gai Sypher, Jessie Phelan
  • Finalist - From Time Travel to Lunch and Learn - Creating Online CPD Training for Building Surveyors - Darryl O'Brien
  • Finalist - Sleep Education in the Community - Dr Sarah Blunden

Engaged Service Learning (Students)

  • Nominee - Clinical Handover at the Bedside - Rehab Unit - Patricia Callow; and
  • Nominee - CQUniversity Nepal Nursing and Midwifery Experience 2011 - A cohort of 17 second and third year nursing and midwifery students and staff.

2011 Opal Awards Winners

Engaged Learning and Teaching

  • Winner – CQUniversity Children's Theatre Workshop – Kim Kirkman and Ian Gaskell;
  • Finalist – Disaster Resilience Education Project – Julianne Impiccini, Ali Black, Lyn Hughes, Kyle Stein, ALC Management Team; and
  • Finalist – Romp in the Park 2011 – Gillian Busch and Emma Killion. 

Engaged Research and Innovation

  • Winner – Driver Fatigue in Central Queensland -  Lee Di Milia; and
  • Finalist -  IT at the Coalface – Ashley Holmes, Dennis Jarvis, Jacqueline Jarvis and Ricky Prout.

Engaged Community Service

  • Winner – Idiom 23 Writers' Workshop – Lynda Hawryluk and Liz Huf;
  • Finalist – Teachers Being Childwise – Rose-Marie Thrupp;
  • Finalist – International Engineering and Technology Education Conference – Arun Patil, Patrick Keleher, Amanullah Maung Than Oo, Mushtak Al-Atabi, Marlia Puteh and Sid Nair; and
  • Finalist – Sea Dreams Gladstone Festival of Creative Arts – Andrew Wallace and Helen Holden.

2010 Opal Awards Winners

Engaged Learning and Teaching

Engaged Research and Innovation

Engaged Service