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Giving to CQUni

CQUniversity manages a number of programs to bring us one step closer to achieving our vision of being Australia's most engaged University.

The following programs are underway now and your donation will make a significant difference in helping to make the University more accessible to more students and to ensure that the quality of the education they receive is excellent. We would be grateful for your support.

Training Benchmark A Contributions

For Migration Agents or 457 visa holders: Payments can be made to CQUniversity in order to meet the Training Benchmark A requirement of the 457 visa.

We offer a responsive and efficient service and would be pleased to work with you to provide opportunity and support to areas of need.

For assistance please contact Tamsen Clifford-Banks, Development Coordinator on, 07 4923 2786.


Scholarships that break down the financial barrier to higher education and allow more students the opportunity to fulfil their potential and contribute positively to their communities, regardless of their background, are important to the development of our community and civil society.

Scholarships can be established to fulfil a range of goals. Donors may want to foster future knowledge in an area of their own personal interest, support community development by assisting students to study in an area of regional need, commemorate and honour the memory and contributions of a loved one or esteemed colleague, or create a positive pathway for the recruitment of talented students to their workplace.

CQUniversity provides a personalised service to donors to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes for all. To discuss the scholarship you would like to establish or to find out more, please contact the Donor Prizes and Scholarship Coordinator on 61 7 4923 2786 or or to make a gift now, please visit our online donation page.

Academic Prizes

The CQUniversity Academic Prize Program has been established to encourage individuals and organisations from our communities to show their support for high academic achievement and become involved with their University.

Establishing a prize in an area of interest can be a rewarding way for community members to publicly participate in the University. Donations that support, encourage and highlight students' high academic achievement are appreciated by students and their families, faculty and the whole university as significant to the progress and recognition of CQUniversity students.

To discuss how you can be involved in our Academic Prize Program please contact the Donor Prizes and Scholarship Coordinator on 61 7 4923 2786 or or to make a gift now, please visit our online donation page.

CQUni Cares

CQUni Cares is a new fund which provides the opportunity for donors to support CQUniversity students in financial hardship.

To discuss how you can be involved in our CQUni cares Program please contact the Donor Prizes and Scholarship Coordinator on 61 7 4923 2786 or or to make a gift now, please visit our online donation page.


Supporting the role of the University in your Will through a Bequest, enables you to make a gift to your community that may not have been possible for you to make in your lifetime. A Bequest in your Will allows you to retain full use of your assets during your lifetime and still make a significant gift to the University after you're gone. It gives you the opportunity to make a difference well into the future and to leave a lasting legacy that will impact on the things that are important to you.

Your Bequest would support the role of the University in providing a high standard of education for the good of our communities. Bequests are very important as a means for making higher education more accessible for everyone and for ensuring the excellence of a CQUniversity education.

"There is a growing realisation that a lot can be achieved through supporting Universities.... People give because education and research can make a difference. They give because they care about a cause and want to add something to the University that will benefit the community. At the heart of every donation received, lies affection, respect, and a belief in the University and how it enhances people's lives."
(Dr Bernie Curran, University Newcastle)

To discuss how you can be involved in our Bequest Program please contact the Director, on 07 4923 2871.

Bequest Frequently Asked Questions

The Difference You Want to Make

At CQUniversity every gift makes a difference - now and in the future. Please contact the Office of Development and Graduate Relations if you would like to make a major gift or contribute your donation to a commemorative or unlisted fund.

CQUniversity Workplace Giving Program

CQUniversity aspires to be a place that transforms the lives of our students and staff and contributes positively to the development of our community.

By supporting the CQUniversity Workplace Giving Program, staff can demonstrate their commitment to the social well being of our community.

The CQUniversity Workplace Giving Program provides you with the opportunity to make regular donations to charitable and community organisations through your pay each fortnight. Because the donation comes from pre-tax salary, you will receive an immediate tax deduction for your gift, but most importantly, 100% of your donation will directly support your chosen beneficiary.

The CQUniversity Workplace Giving Program is an extremely worthwhile program that provides a simple, tax effective mechanism for staff to make a contribution to our community. Through CQUniversity Workplace Giving Program we can all make a real difference in the community of which we are a part. For more information on how you can support the CQUniversity Workplace Giving Program.